Yes, carrots are absolutely good for diabetes when taken in a moderate amount. It has no harm on diabetic patients. You must be more than confused on this particular subject. Managing and maintaining the blood sugar level in the body, as a diabetic is a lot more complicated than just avoiding sweets. But, if you are looking for is carrot good for you? then this post is just for you. We have spent a lot of time researching for some proven facts of how is carrots are beneficial for diabetics. So let’s just investigate on the topic and quickly check all the health benefits of carrot when it comes to diabetes.

Is Carrot good for Diabetes?

Health benefits of Carrot for Diabetics

  • Carrots contribute a healthy and extremely nutrient rich carbohydrate to the diabetic patients.
  • Carrots are packed with essential anti-oxidants which are required to prevent diabetes.
  • Carrots are rich in vitamin A, vitamin K. vitamin C, and potassium, and manganese, complex vitamin B, with folate, phosphorus and vitamin E in smaller quantities which help in maintaining the blood sugar levels in the body.
  • The high amounts of magnesium included in carrots help your body to metabolize the glycogen. Magnesium works along with vitamin B 6 which helps the metabolic processes in the cell. This promotes maintained blood-sugar levels in the body.
  • The research suggests that having a low amount of Vitamin E can also be a reason to diabetes. Carrots which consist of a good amount of vitamin E reduces glucose transport activities, reduces oxidative stress. It also helps in improving membrane physical characteristics.
  • This antioxidant promotes the healing of diabetes.
  • Vitamin C may also be included in the list of vitamins Diabetes. As per the medical research which says that the increases levels of vitamin C in the body automatically decreases the sorbitol level in the body. Sorbitol is a type of sugar present in human body, which when found in excess amounts can be harmful.
  • Niacin which is also known as Vitamin B3 is found in the form of nicotinamide and nicotinic acid. This vitamin helps in preventing the triggering of diabetes.


There is no limit as to how many carrots can be eaten. But diabetics should make sure that they do not eat too many carrots in a day and consume them in a moderate amount. There are no such side effects that have been noticed after eating too many carrots except turning to be light orange in color. But this can happen only if you have it more than required. Because anything taken more than normal can be harmful to your body.