Broccoli is one of the least popular vegetables, but its popularity has been increasing because of the benefits it provides. This cruciferous vegetable might have scored less in the appearance but topped in providing many essential nutrients. Several studies have  conducted with broccoli linking to the treatment of respiratory problems, includiing asthma. So, the question arises, is broccoli good for asthma? Yes, it is, this awful-looking looking vegetable is an antidote for asthma patients. Let’s understand the broccoli benefits for asthma more in detail.

Why is Broccoli Good for Asthma?

  • Broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables are rich source of vitamin C which is a powerful antioxidant. It detoxifies the harmful substances in the body and reduces wheezing and inflammation associated with asthma.
  •  Research shows that broccoli, especially the broccoli sprouts contain a key compound named sulforaphane that helps to fight against the inflammation of respiratory tract.
  • This compound increases the antioxidant enzymes in the human airway and protects the body from free radicals (cause damage to cells and tissues in the body).
  • According to another study, the sulforaphane compound in broccoli acts effectively against the harmful effects of air pollution.
  • Broccoli sprouts contain 50 times more sulforaphane than matured broccoli, and thereby protects against the inhaled smoke, pollen, diesel exhaust that are linked to the causes of asthma.
  •  Intake of broccoli has found to reverse the blockage in airways, making the airways clear, and breathing easy.
  • Broccoli also helps treat asthma for people who do not respond to the traditional treatment.
  • Broccoli carry the essential benefits that could reduce respiratory inflammation and reverse lung damage.

Consumption of Broccoli

Researches on broccoli are still going on so it might be too soon to recommend the particular dosage. But, increasing the broccoli intake will definitely have positive effects on the symptoms of asthma. Two steamed cup of broccoli will prevent the conditions of asthma and allow you to breathe normally.

The sulforaphane compound in broccoli is the main component for treating respiratory inflammation. It prevents the conditions from worsening, improves your overall health, and also been shown to kill cancer cells. So, are you going to add broccoli in diet to extract its benefits?