Beetroot was once among the lesser known vegetables. The popularity gradually increased, owing to its undeniable health benefits. You must be wondering about these benefits. How is it good for health? Is beetroot good for your hair? What are its beauty benefits? In this article, we’ll tell you why beetroot is good for your hair. Then, you can flaunt your lovely locks all day long.

Why is Beetroot Good for Your Hair?

Your hair gets damaged due to several factors and recovering the hair health is not easy. Your hair needs appropriate nutrition to improve its health.

  • Beetroot supplies vitamin C, iron, Vitamin B6, magnesium and potassium, and completes the nutritional deficiency that causes hair loss.
  • ¬†Beetroot has the ability to stop scalp inflammation and prevents from premature balding.
  • It strengthens your hair scalp and improves your hair health.
  • Beetroot is packed with cartenoids, it drastically improves the quality and texture of the hair.
  • Beetroot stimulates better blood circulation to the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles.
  • Beetroot is a rich source of potassium, which prevents hair fall and promotes hair growth.
  • Iron and electrolytes in beetroot repairs the damaged hair and cuts the chances of breakage.
  • Beetroot is¬†antipruritic in nature, that is it fights against itchy and dry scalp.
  • Beetroot removes excess oil and dead skin cells from the scalp. Therefore, it protects your scalp from dandruff and endorses good hair growth.
  • Stress can cause losing of hair. Beetroot is known for reducing stress level and thus cope up with your hair health.
  • Another disease that cause hair loss is anemia and it due to the deficiency of iron. Beetroot provides and abundant amount of iron to control this problem.

How to Use Beetroot for Your Hair

Beetroot Juice for Hair: Beetroot juice is most beneficial for hairfall. It can be easily prepared with the help of juicer. You can also mix it with, spinach, carrot and lettuce. Drink it once a day or simply rinse your hair with it.

Beetroot Hair Mask: Mix beetroot juice or pulp with ground coffee seeds to form a paste. Rub this paste well before you shampoo your hair. It not only improves overall health of your hair, but also makes it smooth and shine.

Beetroot Paste for Hair: A simple way to reduce hair fall is to apply beetroot paste on your scalp. Apply paste of beetroot to your scalp for 15-20 minutes and it will free you from scalp infections and inflammation.

Beetroot for Hair Coloring: Have you noticed the stains beetroot leaves on your kitchen slab? That is due to the presence of a pigment and it also helps to impart color on your hair. Take a cup of beetroot, half a cup of black tea, and half a cup of rose water. Mix it, apply to your hair for an hour and see the results.

Just Eat it: Nothing gets better than simply eating the beetroot. Slice thin pieces of beetroot to add it in your salad. You can also cut beetroot into small pieces, sprinkle some salt and chilli powder, add lemon for tangy flavor and, savor both its taste and benefits.

Now, do you realize how incredibly beetroot improves the health of your hair. Long, shiny and soft hair adds up to your beauty. So, are you ready to include beetroot in your diet?