Are you going nuts for your brain health? Don’t worry, a nut might just help. Remember the times when your mom secretly put soaked almonds in your lunch box? You owe your mom a big appreciation for your intellectual activities. Why? Is almond good for your brain? Yes, since ancient times, almonds have been considered as a brain food. It improves the intellectual level and aids in brain development. There are several almond benefits for brain and its compositions work wonder on your brain.

Why is Almond Good for Your Brain?

  • Almonds nourishes the sensory fibers arising from the your brain and keeps it healthy.
  • Almonds contains high amount of omega-3 fatty acids that help in the formation of DHA, which is essential for new neurons formation and repair of the damaged ones.
  • Riboflavin and L-carnitine in almonds increase brain activities and the formation of new neural connection to the brain.
  • The increase in new neural pathways help in better functioning of the brain, and thereby boosts your intellectual level.
  • The bioactive polyphenols content of almond act as antioxidants. They protect the brain cell from damage.
  • Adequate amount of antioxidants prevent the break down of brain cells and the risks of memory loss when you get older.
  • Almonds have also been found to lower the risks of brain diseases, including Alzheimer’s and dementia.
  • Do almonds improve memory? Yes, they do. Abundance of protein in almond repairs brain cells, which then improves the cognitive function, including memory.
  • Another source of antioxidant in almond is zinc. This mineral attacks free radicals in the bloodstream, maintains brain function, and further prevents memory loss.
  • Almond is also a source of vitamin B-6 that helps in the metabolism of protein. This increases protein in the brain cell, stimulates neurotransmitter chemicals production, which improve communication of brain cells.
  • Vitamin E is one of the main components of almonds. It slows down the aging of cells, including the brain cells that could impact memory.

How to Use Almond for Brain?

  • How to eat almond for brain? Soak or sprout the almonds to reap its benefits for brain, they also make the almonds easily digestible.
  • Which type of almond is best for your brain? Among the sweet and bitter almonds, sweet almond is best for your brain. It may eaten either raw or roasted.
  • Almond milk is equally beneficial for your brain as the almond nut.
  • Almond oil massage strengthens your nerves and improves brain power.

This is how almonds improve your brain function. Soak it overnight and make sure to eat two to three nuts every morning. You can also remove its outer layer as it does not comprise much benefits. A good brain health improves your memory, intellectual abilities, and your overall health as it is the main part of your body.