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Indian Baby Born with Two Faces

Indian baby born with two faces

Miracle Child?? Goddess?? or Medical Wonder??

Lali, a baby girl born in a small North Indian rural village Saini, 25 miles from New Delhi has sparked of a huge following of people who believe she’s the reincarnation of the Hindu Goddess.

The Medical Aspect

Sabir Ali, the director of Saifi Hospital where Lali was born on March 11, said Lali, the Baby Girl was born with a rare condition called craniofacial duplication, where a single head has two faces. Lali, with two faces was born with two noses, two pairs of lips and two pairs of eyes – but only two ears.

She can eat with both mouths and opens and closes all four eyes together.

Doctors who delivered the baby said she appeared to be in good health, and is leading a normal life with no breathing difficulties and is about a month old now.

Lali’s condition is often linked to serious health complications, but the doctor that delivered her said she was doing well.

While a brain MRI would be illuminating, to say the least doctors can’t know what the baby’s prognosis as her parents won’t agree to allow the hospital to perform a CT scan and there is no way to know exactly what she is suffering from. No way to know if her life is in danger.

Baby or Goddess??

The baby has caused a sensation in the dusty village of Saini, 25 miles from New Delhi. And while she may seem like an oddity to some, her proud parents think she is simply a God reincarnated. She’s only a month old and already the baby girl in Northern India is being worshiped as a reincarnated Goddess.

Attracting intense attention, Lali had hundreds of visitors flocking to the village of Saini Sunpura to catch a glimpse of her unusual and unique features. They have been touching Lali’s feet and offer money to receive blessings for they believe that the little girl is the reincarnation of the Hindu goddess of Valour, Durga, a fiery deity traditionally depicted with three eyes and many arms.


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