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India! The Latest Champion of ICC World Cup 2011

India! The Latest Champion of ICC World Cup 2011

Cricket World Cup is the most awaited event in the world of Cricket. It is by far the biggest event for every cricketer and all cricket fans. The ICC Cricket World cup is the premier Championship of ODI (One Day International) cricket. The tournament is held every four year. It is the fourth largest and fourth most viewed sport event. Ten test-cricket-playing and ODI-playing nations and other who qualify through World cup Qualifiers contest the tournament. In all the tournaments held till date, Australia is the most successful of the five teams who have claimed ICC world cup trophy. Australia won the championship 4 times, where as West Indies and India won twice, while Pakistan and Sri Lanka claimed once each.

The first Cricket World cup was held in England in 1975. That time England was the only nation who had the caliber to host such a giant event of such magnitude. The first Cricket World Cup was sponsored was Prudential Plc. The matches of First Cricket World Cup were 60 six-ball over per term. The players were dressed in white uniforms, which were standard. The cricket ball used that time was red color and not white. The tournament was held between 8 teams; 6 of them were Test Cricket Nations (Australia, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan and West Indies) with two other teams namely Sri Lanka and East Africa. West Indies won the first Cricket World Cup defeating Australia by 17 runs.

The 1979 World Cup held in England. The name of the trophy was “Prudential Cup” it was named after its sponsors Prudential Plc. West Indies won the second consecutive Cricket World Cup defeating the host Nation, England, by 92 runs in the final. In a meeting held after 2nd World Cup tournament, ICC (International Cricket Conference) agreed to make the competition a quadrennial event.

For a third consecutive time, England hosted the World Cup tournament in 1983. This year the fielding-circle was introduced (27 m / 30 yards away from stumps). Four fielders needed to be in this circle all the time. . India was the 2rd World Cup winner defeating West Indies by 43 runs in the final.

The Fourth World cup was the first World cup held outside England in the year 1987. Instead of Prudential Cup it was renamed to Reliance World Cup after their sponsors. The Tournament was held in India and Pakistan. In the same tournament, the term was reduced to just 50 overs from 60. The reason for reducing over was shorter day-light hours in the subcontinent. Australia won the fourth World cup championship defeating England by 7 runs.

The 1992 World Cup was hosted by Australia and New Zealand. This time there were lots of changes in the game. It was the first world cup when teams were in colored dresses instead of white. With some changes in the fielding restrictions the red balls were replaced by white balls, there were Day – Night matches now and South Africa participated for the first time (there was a ban on South Africa due to apartheid). This time Pakistan won the championship defeating England by 22 Runs.

The 1996 World Cup was hosted by India and Sri Lanka. This was second time when India was hosting the world Cup matches. Sri Lanka won the 6th World Cup Championship defeating Australia by 7 wickets.

The first three world Cups (1975, 1979 and 1983) had a similar trophy while 1987, 1992 and 1996 had different trophies because of different sponsors. In 1999, the ICC decided to award its own trophy. The 1999 trophy was deigned and created in London by a team of craftsmen from Garrard & Co. The original trophy is at ICC’s Dubai office (which is a neutral venue) while a true copy is given to the winning team in every world-cup. The 1999 world cup was hosted by England where some matched were held in Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Netherlands. Australia won the championship defeating Pakistan by 8 wickets.

The 2003 world cup was hosted by South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe. The number of participating teams increased to 14 from 12. The Final of the 2003 World cup saw the largest ever total of 359 runs by Australia and was the champion beating India by 125 runs.

2007 World cup was hosted by West Indies and it became the first tournament that was hosted on all six continents. Australia, for the third consecutive time, became the champion after defeating Sri Lanka by 53 runs.

2011 World cup was hosted by India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. A total of 14 teams participated in the tournament. Out of 14, 4 teams (India, Pakistan, New Zealand and Sri Lanka) reached semi finals. In The final match, held at Wankhede stadium in Mumbai, India won the championship defeating Sri Lanka by 6 wickets.