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Independence Day Parade – All eyes on Red Fort


India Independence Day is on the 15th August. This year marks the 62nd year of India’s Independence from British colonization. On this day, the whole country tunes in to the live telecast from Delhi to watch the Prime Minister unfurling the Indian Flag at Red Fort.

Red Fort (Lal Qila)

Originally known as Qila-e-Mualla, Red fort or Lal Qila was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan after he transferred his capital to his newly planned city of Shahjahanabad (Delhi) from Agra in 1638. The foundation stone of this massive citadel was laid in 1639 and it was completed after nine years in 1648.

On every 15th August, the Prime Minister of the country hoists the Indian flag atop the fort and gives a nation-wide speech. After that, the Independence Day parade starts.

The Independence Day Parade

The preparations of the Independence Day Festival in Delhi begin a month in advance. Most of the important roads are decorated with flags and fabrics. All the buildings in Delhi, which are of national importance, are bedecked and illuminated. After the flag hoisting, the Prime Minister attends the Parade.

National Holiday Celebrations

15th August is declared as a national holiday and all the people gather to celebrate it with parades and cultural events. People gather in groups to celebrate with patriotic music and dance shows. All over, flags are hoisted, the national anthem is sung, school children are dressed in their best uniforms for their programs in schools. Streets are decorated with flowers and rangolis. People wave paper flags and wish each other Happy Independence Day.

The air is filled with celebrations and festivity. This is one day people celebrate irrespective of religion or different strata in society. This is one day that unites all Indians in the country and abroad with a sense of respect for our freedom fighters and pride for our country.