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How to Wear Gladiator Sandals?

Gladiator Sandals are that one stylish pair of footwear that has to be their in your collection. Their impressive designs and the ancient Roman look adds a lot to your dressing style. The gladiator sandals were traditionally famous for the flat soles and thin straps. These gladiator sandals are one of the most comfortable pair of sandals in a woman’s closet. They come in a variety of designs, materials and colors. Here’s how you can wear these gladiator sandals with almost everything.

When you wear gladiator sandals with too many straps on it, it tends to make your feet look broad and legs short. So, consider your leg and foot shape when purchasing a pair of gladiator sandals. The gladiator sandals that stop just before the ankle or wrap around just above it look good on most women. Once you have chosen your pair, you are ready to dress them up with almost anything.

cropped jeans gladiator sandals

Wear your gladiators with cropped jeans. The simplest way to dress up your gladiator sandals is to pair them with your favorite pair of cropped jeans. A cropped jeans expose most of your gladiators. For a dressy look, wear a frilly blouse and cardigan or choose a T-shirt and vest for a simpler outfit.


Flaunt your gladiator sandals with skirt – A ruffled Bohemian skirt or a skater’s skirt looks fabulous with either flat or heeled gladiator sandals. You can also choose taller gladiator sandals that wrap around the ankle and the calf with skirts.


Pair your gladiator sandals with shorts. Gladiators are perfect for summer afternoons. Pair them up with shorts-and-T-shirt add a bit more style and sophistication than flip flops and beach slides do.


Wear it with a dress. When it comes to dressing up in gladiators, there’s nothing better than a long tunic dress or maxi-style halter dress. Gladiators also look perfect with colorful sundresses, shirt-dresses and sheathes.