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How to wear a saree in Coorgi style?

The Coorgi style of draping a saree hails from a small hill staion Named Coorg located in the Indian state of Karnataka. Coorgi style is popular for its unique draping style. In Coorgi style of draping, the pallu is tucked neatly over the shoulder in front and saree pleats are pushed backwards. This style is also known as Kodagu Style saree or Kodava Attire. Along with the saree, women of Coorg also wear a matching piece of cloth which is called Vastra,on their head

The Kodagu style draping is unique, reflecting the unusually beautiful culture of Coorg. The pleats of the sari, which are usually in the front in other saree, here, are tucked at the backside of the waist. Similarly, the pallu of the sari too is draped from rear to front tucked neatly over the shoulder. These look apt when worn in lustrous fabrics, like Silk, Satin or Cotton, for crisp pleating.

1. For coorgi style we start from back,hold the plain end of saree and tuck it into drawstring petticoat at the back.
2. Now take drape going round anti clock wise as you look down.
3. After completing one round make minimum of 6-7 pleats out of the drape .
4. Hold the pleats together and tuck them into petticoat at the back.
5. Bring rest of the saree on round in the front ,with top edge horizontally across your chest level.
6. And round back again and bring pallu corner over your right shoulder form back to front, pinning it in place with brooch.