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How to wear a Nauvari Saree?

A nauvari saree is a Maharshtrian saree which is usually longer than the other commonly used sarees. The length of a nauvari saree varies from 8 meters to 9 meters. The Nauvari saree is worn without a petticoat. The bottom of the nauvari saree, when draped, resembles men’s dhoti. Here’s how you wear a nauvari saree.

  • Hold one end of the Saree and wrap a full circle around the waist and tie the knot. As we mentioned earlier that nauvari saree is worn without petticoat, so it is important to tie a tight knot.
  • Take the shorter end of the saree and pull it back between the legs. Tuck it in at the back.
  • Now take the longer end of the saree and make five to six pleats. The number of pleats you make depends on the length of that portion of the saree. If the saree is long enough, you can make around six pleats. Tuck the pleats over the waist knot. Ensure that the saree is one inch above the floor.
  • Now set up the pallu. Make 4-5 pallu pleats like in case of a normal saree.
  • Bring the pleats from around the back to the front, place it over the left shoulder and pin it up neatly.