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How to Maintain your Leather Jackets?

A leather jacket is one of the fashionable, expensive item in your wardrobe. Leather is usually a delicate material but a complicated substance which should handled with care. All types of leather tend to pick up a lot of dirt. A real leather jacket is usually a costly investment but the good part is that it can last for many, many years and becomes one of your prices possessions, if given proper care.

In order to keep a your fashionable, stylish leather jacket looking great for years and years, it is very important to understand how to take proper care of it, no matter what type leather it is. You’ll be surprised to to know that weather conditions, body oils and perspiration, creams & lotions, perfumes or makeup, does cause some or the other damage to a leather jacket. Leather jackets are both stylish and durable, only if maintained. Or else they begin to wear off quiet easily. Following we have listed out some points on how to maintain your leather jackets.

  • For any kind of stains on your leather jacket, never use soap solutions as it may cause discoloration. And you might end up with a light colored patch on your jacket.
  • Read your leather jacket’s label for care instructions. Most of the manufactures provide care instructions on the inside labels at the back or on the sides. read them thoroughly.
  • You can use a waterproof sealant spray to protect the outside of your leather jacket from dirt, water, natural body oil etc.
  • Never fold your leather jackets. It may develop permanent creases. Instead, hang your leather jacket so it can hold its natural shape.
  • As all type of leathers are prone to water stains, avoid taking them out in rainy weather. Make sure your jacket always stays dry.
  • Hang your jacket in a dry, well-ventilated closet.
  • Protect your jacket by wiping away any salt stains immediately. As salt makes your leather jacket get overly dry.
  • You should also have your leather jacket professionally cleaned each year.
  • Use leather conditioner on areas that get overly dry.