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How to clean earring?

Whether you wear an earring for long or change it daily to match your outfit. Whether it is a diamond stud or an imitation earring, it is very important that these earrings must be cleaned regularly to look good and be hygienic. Here’s how you can follow a simple routine so that you always have a clean pair of earrings to wear.

Fill two bowls with luke warm water and add 3 drops of mild dish soap into one. The other bowl will be used to rinse your earrings. Open clasps and nuts and then soak them in water. It is a good habit to clean your earrings once or twice every year. Rest the frequency depends on how often your wear them i.e more cleansing for the pairs you wear frequently.

If your are cleaning many earrings at once, group them on the basis of metal and gemstones types. It is advisable that you clean only one or two pair at a time. to prevent precious metal and gemstones from being soaked in soap solution for long.

Another important point to consider is that Porous, or the organic gems tend to absorb liquid, which can damage their structure, so they shouldn’t be soaked in the cleaning liquid. These gems include pearls, mother-of-pearl shell, turquoise, coral and lapis lazuli. To clean these materials, dip a section of a cloth in the dish soap mixture and then wash the earrings with it. Carefully scrub the metal sections with the toothbrush if the cloth leaves behind dirt and oils. Finish the task by wetting the cloth with clear water and wiping the soapy residue from the earrings. Use this method to clean amber earrings, too, but clean with clear water without soap.

Only soak earrings made of metals, diamonds and non-absorbent gemstones for e.g. rubies, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts, citrines. Use a toothbrush to gently scrub the earrings if you think there is still some grime deposit on the earring. Concentrate on the clasps and posts, but be gentle to avoid scratching the metal. Dip the earrings in the bowl of clear water to rinse off the cleaning solution. After rinsing the earrings in the second bowl of water, rub them with a cloth to remove water drops and lay them on a towel to dry. Make sure all the water is completely dried off before you store your earrings.