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How to care for Gemstone jewelry?

Gemstones are a beautiful addition to your jewelry collection and match perfectly well with any outfit. The best thing about gemstone jewelry is that it can be treasured for generations. If you want to keep your gemstone jewelry as sparkling as new, read the care instruction below

Cleaning a gemstone jewelry may seem simple and easy, but sorry, it isn’t. without proper knowledge and care you can actually, very easily, damage your precious pieces. There are some delicate gemstones which need special care and cleaning. For example cleaning opals, amber and pearls is a little tricky as they are prone to damage.

Taking your gemstone jewelry to a professional jeweler for cleaning once every two years is a good idea. You can also have your jewelery examined for any damage. The professional jeweler will also fix loose settings and repair or replace damaged clasps.

Diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, rubies and semiprecious stones can be easily cleaned at home. Just put them on a towel, fill a small bowl with warm water and add few drops of mild soap in it. Put your jewelry in this mixture for about 5 minutes. Now remove the jewelry from the water and using a soft bristle toothbrush, gently and thoroughly clean the entire item. This should be enough to loosen any grime. Make sure not to use any chemicals or harsh soap for the cleaning as it may damage your gemstone jewelry.

Always choose the cleaning method for the most delicate material in the jewelry. For example, if your ring contains rubies and pearls, clean it using the method for pearls. Store your gemstone jewelry in a padded jewelry box or armoire. Jewelry prongs and clasps can scratch gems, so make sure each item has its own compartment.