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How to care for Antique jewelry?

Whether presented to you by someone in the family or you purchased it from an antique shop, An antique jewelry has survived long enough to be yours partly due to proper care. If you are keen to know how an antique jewelry survived all these years, it is simply because it taken a good care. So if you too want your antique jewelry piece to last for years and years, follow the instructions below.

Properly storing your antique jewelry is really very important. Never dump your jewelry in your dresser drawer which is already cluttered with loads of accessories. Instead, use a jewelry box which has separate compartments for each piece, These fabric lined compartments securely hold pieces of your jewelry and keep each piece separate from the other, which prevents scratches and other damage.

In case of antique jewelry, regular cleaning is a must to protect it from damage. But be very sure not to use hard chemicals or soap solutions as it may loosen stones and discolor enamel. Research about how you can best care for your antique jewelry before you begin a cleaning process at home. It is fine to gently scrub a diamond and gold ring with a soft toothbrush in warm, soapy water, but pearls should never be immersed in water or scrubbed with a brush. Some soft stones should only be polished with a dry, soft jewelry cloth. For more information about cleaning different pieces.

To care for your sterling silver antique jewelry you can buy an anti-tarnish jewelry box. These boxes are lined with These boxes are lined with chemically treated fabric that slows the process of oxidation. You will still need to clean your sterling silver jewelry with a silver polish from time to time, but not as frequently as you may need to if you store the jewelry in a standard jewelry box.