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How to Care for A Leather Coat?

A leather coat is an expensive asset in your wardrobe and it can only last for years if given proper care. When you buy a leather coat, it is very important to understand or to know what type of leather it is made of. Once you know about the leather, you can take a proper care of it.

If your leather coat already treated and protected, most of the dirt can be wiped off with a clean and damp cloth. Removing stubborn stain get be a little tricky though. Stubborn & tough stains need a special cleaning. First thing, treat any stain immediately, if left untreated, it may result in a tough hard to remove stain.

Storing your leather coats properly will prevent many of your problems. One thing you must consider is that never fold and store your coat. Storing your leather coat in this way may get some permanent creases on it and it is difficult to get rid of them later. Instead, Use a strong hanger to support your leather coat weight and then store it in cool and dry place. Avoid storing them in areas where there is too much of direct sunlight. Avoid locations which are moist or may get moisture from anywhere like a closet near / in your bathroom. To keep all the dirt and soil away, cover your leather coat with a clean and dry garment bag or a simple cotton sheet or a fabric. If you ever need to iron your leather coat, use a cool to medium iron. Put a light fabric over the leather and then iron, or else you will have a shiny iron shaped imprint on your coat.