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Home Remedies to Deal With Day-to-Day Problems

Home Remedies

Home Remedies

Home remedies are gaining momentum in Present times. Many people are heading their way towards adopting home remedies to get rid of several forms of diseases. We have natural home remedies for almost every ailment. The best part about these home remedies is that, they have no side effects and are absolutely inexpensive. Thus, not only are they safe for health, but also turn out to be an economical option.

This trend for resorting to home remedies is not new. In fact, they have their origin in the ancient times. To deal with day-to-day problems, like cough and cold, headache, vomiting, upset stomach etc; there are plenty of effective cure home remedies. Home remedies makes use of things bestowed on us by nature like fruits, vegetables and herbs.

Home Remedies for Gastritis

• Coconut water is just apt for treating the problem of gastritis. It gives rest to the belly and also contains loads of vitamins and minerals. When you have gastritis, consume nothing else but coconut water throughout the day.
• Extract the juice of potato and drink about half cup of the juice 2-3 times everyday, but it should be consumed half an hour before meals.
• The herb marigold is considered valuable in treating gastritis. Consume 1 tbsp of this herb two times in a day.

Home Remedies for Hair Loss

• One of the best home remedies for treating hair loss is to massage your scalp with fingers gently. It will also aid in increasing blood circulation and lend glow to your hair.
• Amla oil serves as an excellent tonic for hair conditioning. To prepare amla oil, put some dry pieces of amla in coconut oil and bring to a boil. Apply this oil on the scalp and see the wonderful results.
• For nourishing your hair, apply coconut milk all over your scalp and massage it into the hair roots.

Home Remedies for Hangover

• Drink plenty of water before going to bed as well as when you wake up in the morning.
• Eating some foodstuff while and after you are drinking will slow down the rate at which alcohol enters the blood, thereby reducing the hangover.
• Consume vitamin C tablets, as they lead to the breakdown of alcohol content in the body.

Home Remedies for Headache

• Apples are beneficial in curing headache problem. Eat an apple with a little salt on an empty stomach everyday and see its wonderful effects.
• In case of headaches caused by sun radiations, flowers of henna are found effective. Rub the henna flowers in vinegar and apply it all over your head. This home remedy will give instant relief.
• When headache is caused by cold winds, cinnamon works best in curing headache. Make a paste of cinnamon by mixing in water and apply it all over your forehead.

Home Remedies for Hiccups

• Hold your breath for a few seconds and then release.
• Gargling with water also serves as an excellent home remedy for treating the problem of hiccups.
• Take some ice water and sip quickly.
• For a few minutes, close your eyes and gently massage your eyeballs.
• Eat 1 tsp of peanut butter everyday.

Home Remedies for High Blood Cholesterol

• Coriander seeds are considered valuable in lowering blood cholesterol. They also aid in stimulating the kidneys. In 1 glass of water, add 2 tbsps of coriander seeds and bring to a boil. Let the decoction cool for some time and then strain. Drink this mixture two times in a day.
• Sunflower seeds are extremely beneficial, as they contain linoleic acid that helps in reducing the cholesterol deposits on the walls of arteries. You just need to modify your cooking style a bit and substitute sunflower seeds for solid fats such as butter and cream.
• Incorporate loads of fiber in your meals, as fiber helps a great deal in lowering the cholesterol pressure in blood.

Home Remedies for Indigestion

• In 1 glass of water, add 2-3 drops of mint essence and drink after every 4 hours.
• Take 2-3 drops of garlic oil or ½ cup of Soya oil and gently massage your tummy.
• Drink ginger tea after meal, as it aids in promoting digestion. Also you can go in for herbal tea prepared from blackberry, raspberry and mint.
• In 1 glass of water, put some lemon juice or cider vinegar. Drink this mixture before having your meal.

Home Remedies for Wrinkles

• Application of leftover egg whites at the bottom of the shell to the problematic area serves as an effective home remedy for wrinkles.
• For the sagging skin under the eyes or on the throat, apply some odorless castor oil.
• Take some coconut oil and massage on the wrinkled skin.
• Eat 1 tsp of shredded ginger along with a few drops of honey every morning.
• Rub the core of a pineapple all over your face for sometime and leave it for 10 to 15 minutes.

Home Remedies for Whooping Cough

• Garlic is an effective home remedy for whooping cough. Extract the juice from garlic and give it to the patient in the doses of 1 tsp, twice or thrice a day.
• Ginger has proved beneficial in treating whooping cough. In 1 cup of Fenugreek decoction, add 1 tsp of fresh ginger juice and some honey for taste. You can prepare the Fenugreek decoction easily at home. In 250 ml water, boil 1 tsp of Fenugreek seeds till it reduces to half.
• Almond oil is of great value in the treatment of whooping cough. Take about 5 drops of almond oil and mix with 10 drops each of fresh white onion juice and ginger juice. This mixture has to be taken three times in a day for a fortnight.
• Take 1 tsp of fresh radish juice and mix with an equal quantity of honey. Also add some rock salt in it. This home made syrup has to given to the patient three times in a day.

Home Remedies for Migraine

• Juice of ripe grapes serves as an excellent remedy for treating the problem of migraine. Consume it in small doses several times in a day.
• Niacin vitamin works wonders in overcoming migraine headache. Rich sources of this vitamin are yeast, tomatoes, green veggies, nuts, liver and fish.
• Crush a few leaves of cabbage and place in a cloth. Bind it on the forehead while lying on the bed.
• Vegetable juices have proved to be beneficial in curing migraine.
• Carrot juice can be had in combination with spinach and likewise beet and cucumber juices can be consumed.

Home Remedies for Toothache

• Dip 1 clove of garlic in rock salt and place it on the affected tooth.
• Keep a piece of raw onion inside the mouth on the affected tooth.
• Clove serves as an excellent home remedy for toothache. Keep a clove in your mouth and suck it. You can even apply clove oil on the affected tooth.
• Lime is considered valuable in maintaining the health of teeth.
• Consume the juice of wheat grass, as it acts as a fabulous mouthwash in case of tooth decay.

Home Remedies for Discoloration of Teeth

• If discoloration of teeth is caused by excessive intake of coffee or smoking, there arises a need to give up addiction. One must try improving his dental hygiene, by brushing teeth regularly.
• Avoid going in for foods and beverages that cause stain on teeth.
• Brush your teeth in the right technique.
• Floss your teeth on a regular basis.

Home Remedies for Kidney Stones

• Prepare a potion by boiling two figs in a cup of water. Drink this on an empty stomach in the morning for one month.
• Mix 1 tsp of the juice of Holy basil leaves and 1 tsp of honey. Take this every morning for 5-6 months.
• Eat Watermelon as a fruit or have its juice.
• Take out juice of radish leaves. Take 1 cup of this juice 2 times a day.
• Drink 1 glass of fresh Tomato juice, with a pinch of salt and pepper, empty stomach in the morning.
• Eat 2-3 Apples a day.

Home Remedies for Leg Cramps

• Massage the cramped muscle gently in the natural direction of the muscle. This remedy acts as a great pain reliever.
• To relax the painful cramped muscle, go in for a hot shower or warm bath.
• Apply cold packs on the cramped muscle.
• Stretch your sore muscles.
• Place a warm towel or heating pad on the sore muscle, as it helps in reducing the pain.

Home Remedies for Stomach Ache

• Take a small piece of ginger and grate it. Thereafter, squeeze out its juice. Apply the juice on the bottom of your belly and massage gently. It is an effective home remedy for stomach ache.
• Drink plenty of water, as it helps in ensuring smooth bowel movements.
• Avoid going in for non-pasteurized drinks. Always prefer eating freshly cooked food.
• Drink lemon tea with some honey added in it for taste. It will keep away stomachache.
• Mix 1 tsp each of mint juice and lime juice. Add some ginger juice and black salt in it. Drink this mixture.

Knowing these Home Remedies, we can for sure avoid un-necessary consumption of medicines and a few visits to the doctor.