Not sure whether to have ginger or not? Well, the facts listed below might just help to conclude better. There are many surprising health benefits of adding ginger to your day-to-day life. Some we know and there are plenty that we don’t. So, let’s find out how ginger on daily basis can help you improve your health and fitness. Possible health benefits of ginger are. Possible health benefits include relieving nausea, loss of appetite, motion sickness, and pain and much more, let us check each on in detail. Here are few surprising, effective and miraculous health benefits of the popular Indian spice Ginger.

A little bit about Ginger

Ginger is one of the flowering plants which is originated from China. It is brown in color and looks like a root.  It is grown in all parts of the world and found throughout the year. Ginger is a popular ingredient used for cooking especially in Asian and Indian cuisine. It is being used for the medicinal purpose from many years. Ginger adds a special flavor and zest to the food.

Some Interesting Ginger Facts

  • Many of us must be wondering if Ginger is a fruit or a vegetable, as we all know that Ginger is the root of the Ginger Plant that we use. So let’s check what Ginger really is.
  • Ginger root is the rhizome, or fleshy stem, of a tropical plant. It’s a vegetable but is usually treated as an herb or spice for cooking and medicinal purposes.
  • After ginger was first introduced in Europe (approximately 800 AD) it ranked second to pepper as a spice for centuries.
  • Ginger is also used to aromatize the liquid in electronic cigarettes.
  • India produces one-third of the world’s supply of ginger.

Nutritional value of Ginger

Ginger provides a variety of vitamins and minerals- 100 grams of fresh ginger consist of,

  • 33 mg of potassium
  • 14 mg of sodium
  • 79 calories
  • 86 g of carbohydrate
  • 57 g of protein
  • 6 g of dietary fiber
  • 15 g of iron
  • 7 mg of vitamin C
  • 0 g of sugar
  • Riboflavin– Riboflavin is a vitamin that is needed for growth and overall good health. It helps the body break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to produce energy, and it allows oxygen to be used by the body.
  • Vitamin B6– Vitamin B6 plays an important role in a range of physical and psychological functions. They are most known for helping to maintain a healthy metabolism, nerve function, liver function, skin health, eye health, as well as help to boost levels of energy
  • Niacin– It is beneficial for heart health, including the ability to reduce atherosclerosis, which is the dangerous hardening of the arteries that can lead to heart disease.
  • Phosphorus-Helps Maintain Strong Bones, important for Metabolism and Nutrient Utilization, needed to Maintain Energy Levels. Detoxes the Body Through Urination and Excretion
  • Zinc-Zinc, being an important mineral, plays a vital role in protein synthesis and helps regulate the cell production in the immune system of the human body.
  • Folate-Folate is one of the B vitamins and is needed for the formation of red and white blood cells in the bone marrow, the conversion of carbohydrates into energy and the production of DNA and RNA.
  • Magnesium-Magnesium’s benefits can include reduced symptoms from conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue and insomnia. Magnesium may also provide protection from a number of chronic diseases, especially those associated with aging and stress

Health Benefits of Ginger

Historically, ginger is considered as one of the worlds healthiest foods which have endless health benefits. Ginger is a good natural source of vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, copper, and manganese which helps in fighting against cancer, it also helps to boost memory. As per the herbal medicine research, ginger is very well known to aid digestion and promote the release of intestinal gas, while also calming and relaxing the stomach and gut. So let’s get deeper into the subject and check the health benefits of Ginger in detail.

  • Ginger to helps calm nausea and vomiting
    Ginger contains certain chemicals which help to influence the nervous system, stomach, and intestines to reduce the nausea feeling. It has phenol’s which help to relax the stomach muscles.
  • Ginger is good for maintaining digestive tract
    Ginger has beneficial effects on the enzymes trypsin and pancreatic lipase, and to increase mobility through the digestive tract. This helps in improving the digestive tract functions.
  • Ginger is good for migraine relief
    Ginger powder helps in reducing migraine related discomfort, without any side effects.
  • Ginger benefits osteoarthritis
    Ginger is found to reduce pain and improve daily activities and joint function for those suffering from osteoarthritis.
  • Ginger maintains healthy blood pressure
    The ginger extract is the most effective natural home remedy to maintain a healthy blood pressure.
  • Ginger improves indigestion
    Indigestion is characterized being painful and causing discomfort in the upper part of the stomach. It is believed that delayed emptying of the stomach is a major driver of indigestion. Interestingly, ginger has been shown to speed up emptying of the stomach in people with this condition.
  • Ginger boosts immunity & respiratory function
    Ginger has the ability to boost the immune system. It believes that because ginger is so effective at warming the body, it can help break down the accumulation of toxins in your organs.
  • Ginger fights bacterial infections
    Due to its antibacterial properties, ginger juice is an effective natural ingredient which fights against various forms of bacterial infections.
  • Ginger fights fungal infections
    Ginger acts as an effective and powerful punch against the fungal infections.
  • Ginger prevents cancer
    Cancer is one of the serious and most dangerous diseases that is characterized by uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells. Ginger extract has been studied as an alternative treatment for several forms of cancer
  • Ginger fights pain
    Ginger has been shown to be effective against exercise-induced muscle pain. Ginger does not have an immediate impact but may be effective at reducing the day-to-day progression of muscle pain
  • Ginger maintains blood sugar level
    Ginger has powerful anti-diabetic properties. It helps to enhance insulin sensitivity.
  • Ginger lowers cholesterol level
    Few grams of ginger powder caused significant reductions in most cholesterol markers. Studies suggest that ginger can lead to significant reductions in LDL cholesterol and blood triglyceride levels.

Simple Ways To Have Ginger

Fresh ginger! It’s one of our very favorite things. Here are a few ways explaining how to have Ginger.

  • Ginger with fish-We really likes spicy ginger with tender, tasty fish. Add ginger to your recipe and enjoy the full flavor of it
  • Ginger with Soup-Fresh ginger, grated or pureed, brings wonderful zest to hot, creamy winter soups.
  • Ginger in hot tea-We literally drink gallons of hot ginger tea during winters. We just cut up a hunk of fresh ginger and pour a lot of boiling water over it. A little honey, a little lemon, and it’s the perfect winter tonic.
  • Pickle it– Pickled ginger is a healthy addition to homemade sushi, but it is also incredibly tasty on salad, with stir-fry, and in a meat marinade.
  • Brew it– An ideal natural remedy to clear up congestion or the onset of a sore throat is freshly prepared ginger tea. An upset belly can also really benefit from some gingerly love.
  • Blend it-For a little detox in your smoothie, consider blending in some fresh ginger. If you’re in need of some inspiration for complimentary fruit flavors, then try this detoxifying orange ginger smoothie.
  • Ginger with turmeric and lemon-1 teaspoon fresh grated turmeric root and 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger root, add 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper to it. Also, add raw honey and a slice of lemon to taste.
  • Ginger candy-Ginger candy is one of those few foods that fall within the parameters of both health-food and sweet-food. Ginger candy is commonly in stock at your local health food store. It typically consists of a candied chunk of ginger root that has been covered in a crystallized, sugary syrup.
  • Ginger shots-Ginger shots are extremely tasty and nutritious. If you haven’t tried it yet. you should definitely give it a shot
  • Fermented Ginger beer-Fermented ginger beer is a carbonated, sweetened beverage made from ginger. This beverage is produced in two versions, alcoholic ginger beer or a carbonated soft drink with ginger and sweetened with sugar. Both of this fermented beverage has known since centuries. It may have originated in England in the eighteenth century.

Health Benefits of Ginger Tea

There are endless health benefits found in Ginger Tea.

  • Ginger is considered as one of the universal medicine. The study suggests ginger contains gingerols and shogaols, which makes ginger powerful. If you often suffer from cramps, pour yourself a cup of ginger tea to relieve muscle spasms. The composition of ginger also acts as muscle massaging and anti-inflammatory agents, so it can relieve the muscle cramp condition.
  • Drinking ginger tea on regular basis will help your body to absorb nutrients, it will help improve blood circulation, improve the food digestion, increases the production of gastric juice. It is useful for treating inflammation of the joints. It can help you get rid of tiredness, swelling, and puffiness of sore muscles and joints.Drinking ginger tea is beneficial in case of asthma, which in turn helps to recover from difficult breathing. Drink a cup of ginger tea if you frequently suffer from a cough and a runny nose. This helps to loosen phlegm and relax the respiratory system. It imparts warmness to the body and leaves you feeling fresh.
  • Ginger tea is also traditionally used for stomach problems, most famously for preventing or stopping nausea.
  • Women who experience heavy menstrual cramps may find relief with ginger tea and drinking ginger tea may help settle your stomach when you feel ill.

Health Benefits of Ginger Powder

  • The dry Ginger powder is also known as Soonth in Hindi and Suntha in Marathi. This is the powdered form of fresh ginger which s dried before preparing the powder.
  • Ginger Powder has a strong aroma and pungent flavor. This is mostly easy to store and has a long shelf life of a year.
  • Dried ginger powder is used in spices and masalas for gravies and curries.
  • One of the best benefits of ginger powder is relieving headache. The most common problem of headaches can be cured by applying the powder paste on the forehead.
  • Chest pain can be cured by using dry ginger powder by combining it with fresh tender coconut and sugar.
  • The dry ginger powder contains anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe arthritis. You can also make a paste of dry ginger powder, clove, and salt and consume this twice a day to cure cold symptoms.
  • One of the effective benefits of ginger powder is promoting in weight loss.
  • The dry ginger powder can be added to milk and sugar to get rid of urinary infections.
  • Take 2 tablespoons of dry ginger powder with warm water before the onset of migraine pain. Take 2 tablespoons of dry ginger powder with warm water before the onset of migraine pain. A spoonful of dried ginger powder with hot rice keeps the stomach clean and body healthy.

Health Benefits of Ginger and Honey

  • Herbal treatment of honey and ginger are used as the effective antimicrobial.
  • The mixture of ginger and honey is very potential to heal the muscle pain or other joint problem.
  • Ginger-honey mixture is not only delicious to be consumed as a daily beverage. It is also good for the health especially in increasing the immune system.
  • Another benefit of ginger-honey mixture is that it can prevent and treat diabetes.
  • Ginger-honey mixture is also treating asthma. Its health benefit between honey and ginger give the powerful benefit to treating the asthma very well.
  • The mixture of ginger and honey can bring a great effect for a headache. It can not only heal a migraine but it is also good for the brain. Even for those who suffer from migraines very often, they got healed when they started consuming ginger and honey mixture regularly.
  • Ginger and honey along with garlic serve as a detoxifier. Garlic serves to remove toxins from vital organs such as liver and kidneys.
  • It even reduces the risk of cancer and heart failure. Honey and ginger tonic helps to improve digestion process.

Health Benefits of Ginger Juice

  • With spicy taste and exotic scent of ginger, ginger juice is packed with a lot of nutrition and an infinite number of health benefits.
  • Ginger juice is a rich source of Potassium which is an essential mineral required by the human body and electrolyte that helps with the building of muscle and proteins.
  • It also plays a vital role in It helps maintain the electrical activity in your heart, it assists in regulating the acid-base balance in your system and it helps your body break down carbohydrates into usable energy.
  • Ginger acts as a natural antimicrobial, which helps to kill the bacteria present in the body. However, ginger is commonly prescribed by doctors to Irritable Bowel Syndrome patients to help control their symptoms.
  • Ginger kicks the metabolism into gear by causing the stomach to produce more acid. Consequently, it also helps to maintain the blood sugar level of the body.
  • When the body is tired, ginger juice is also the most effective dose to dispel any fatigue, stimulate the senses and enhance memory.
  • Ginger has anti-bacterial properties and anti-virus properties so that it can help prevent infection, ginger also helps speed up metabolism and burn fat during weight loss.
  • One of the great benefits of fresh ginger juice is to help relieve a migraine and may even cure a migraine completely if you drink regularly.

Health Benefits of Ginger Leaves

  • Isn’t it shocking to read that even the leaves of ginger can be beneficial, well there are many benefits of ginger leaves so let’s check how amazing ginger leaves can be.
  • Ginger leaves stem offer a mild ginger flavor. The taste is less pungent than the normal ginger that is mildly peppery and sweet.
  • Ginger leaves can be enjoyed raw or cooked. They have high levels of antioxidants, which make them a nutritional and flavorful addition to dishes.
  • Ginger leaves make a wonderful garnish. Prevents Constipation. Helps to reduce Joint Pain. Reduce the risk of several Heart Disease.
  • Ginger leaves are rich in potassium and manganese which are considered as essential minerals required by the human body.
  • Ginger leaves can be used in making tea. Helps to increase appetite and clears the pathways of nutrient-absorbing channels.
  • Use ginger leaves as medicine for vomiting, diarrhea, in-digestive heat, accumulation of mucus, coagulation of blood or blood circulation problems

Common Questions asked about Ginger

I have to admit that I wasn’t completely sure of the answer, so I did some research which will help you to conclude better.

Is Ginger good for dogs?
I found no evidence at all that ginger was toxic to dogs. It is perfectly safe for you to use in dog treats. It will be very much beneficial for a dogs health

Is Ginger good for pregnancy?
Studies found that taking ginger could reduce nausea and vomiting in some pregnant women. But pregnant women should be careful and not take an overdose of ginger. Because anything taken more than a normal amount can be dangerous

Is Ginger good for gums?
Ginger is good for your teeth and gums, raw ginger helps remove plaque from your teeth. So feel free and have Ginger without any worries.

Is Ginger good for acidity?
The anti-inflammatory properties in ginger are of special interest to researchers, particularly when it comes to acid reflux. This is because inflammation in the esophagus is a key characteristic of the condition.

Is Ginger good for piles?
Ginger is a good home remedy for piles if they are dry piles and non-bleeding piles. Ginger is very hot and it helps in lack of appetite, fatigue, indigestion & no acidity.

Is Ginger bad for thyroid?
Ginger contains magnesium, which has been shown to be critical to controlling thyroid disease. Because it helps regulate inflammation, ginger might also protect against inflammation-related thyroid disorders.

Is Ginger bad for hair?
Ginger is a useful remedy for dandruff and dry, itchy scalp and helps stimulate hair growth. It contains natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that help keep scalp healthy and clean

Is Ginger bad for kidneys?
Ginger can help in case of everything from motion sickness and digestion to kidney problems.


It is always better to use natural products for health benefits rather than using supplements. Use natural products like ginger and make it a part of your daily life. Ginger is known as one of the super-foods having endless benefits. So consume, stay fit, stay disease free.


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