Confused about whether to eat banana or not? Well, the facts listed below might just help to conclude better. Surprisingly, there are many health benefits of eating bananas. Some we know and there are plenty that we don’t. So, let’s find out how eating bananas on daily basis can help you improve your health and fitness

Bright Yellow from outside, Creamy and fleshy from inside. Bananas are packed in their own yellow attractive jackets and are available and grown throughout the year. Banana is one fruit which is grown all over the globe. It is one of the most widely consumed fruit in the world. Eating Bananas has endless health benefits for a human body.

Today Banana’s are ranked as fourth among the world’s food crops in monetary value. It has been noticed that Americans consume more bananas than apples and oranges combined.

Bananas contain all kinds of good things – health-promoting flavonoids and poly-phenolics, such as lutein, zeaxanthin, beta and alpha carotenes, acting as free radical-gobbling antioxidants. That’s also an advantage in the high vitamin C content, most known for its infection-fighting properties.Bananas are very beneficial for a human heart. Banana contains a high amount of Potassium which is a mineral electrolyte which helps to maintain the flow of body electricity which plays a major role for a heart to be healthy. The Sodium content in banana helps in maintaining the cardiovascular health which controls high blood pressure.

Other Health Benefits of Eating Bananas

1. Overcoming Depression and boosting Mood
2. Helps in Digestion & Weight Loss
3. Strengthen’s Bones
4. Improves Vision
5. Protects from Kidney Cancer
6. Help ease tooth sensitivity
7. Normal Heart Function
8. Fights Anemia
9. Soothes Stomach Ulcers
10. Provides Natural Energy

Nutritional value of Bananas:

One banana contains about 126 grams and contains 110 calories, 30 grams of carbohydrate and 1 gram of protein. Bananas are naturally free of fat, cholesterol, and sodium.

Bananas provide a variety of vitamins and minerals:

• Vitamin B6 – .5 mg
• Manganese – .3 mg
• Vitamin C – 9 mg
• Potassium – 450 mg
• Dietary Fiber – 3g
• Protein – 1 g
• Magnesium – 34 mg
• Folate – 25.0 mcg
• Riboflavin – .1 mg
• Niacin – .8 mg
• Vitamin A – 81 IU
• Iron – .3 mg

As per the research the recommended intake of potassium for adults is 4,700 milligrams per day.

Fitness keeps you in shape as health is the real wealth. Consume a banana daily for a miraculous heath and stay fit and disease free.


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