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Guwahati, India: City Guide and Attractions


Guwahati is a city located in the Indian state of Assam and is one of the bigger ones in the state. The city is also said to be one of the fastest growing in India and has developed incredibly in the last decade. Situated on the banks of the river Bramhaputra, this city has many attractive places and offers recreational activities for tourists as well as residents. The city also has immense historical importance and was witness to many wars and skirmishes since it was established in the 6th century CE.

Guwahati is located in a state that receives large amounts of rainfall and has many rivers, lakes and wildlife sanctuaries situated near the city. Although archeological remnants trace the city to the 6th century, the mythology and history is believed to be thousands of years old. Guwahati is also famous for its Tea Auction center which is one of the largest in the world. The major cash crop of Assam is Tea and it is no surprise that the local economy largely depends on this crop along with tourism.

Places of Interest

The urban attractions in the city are myriad and the city center is bustling with activity and there are numerous fast food joints, restaurants, shopping malls, bazaars and hotels which make it convenient for a visitor to enjoy the cuisine and other recreational activities that this urban paradise has to offer. As far as cuisine is concerned, there are many choices at the disposal of a tourist from Chinese food, South Indian culinary delights, and traditional Assamese food.

Fancy Bazaar

This place is located in the western part of the city center and is famous for its wholesale and retail stores. Several interesting items such as garments, clothes, beverages, food items, and even hardware and building materials can be procured here. Basically this place is ideal for people who want to shop and take home some memories of Assam in the form of traditional clothes and garments as well as other locally made items and pieces of art.

Pan Bazaar

Pan Bazaar is situated on the banks of Bramhaputra River and has many restaurants and other attractions such as the state museum. However, the place is famous especially for its restaurants and many types of culinary delights can be enjoyed here. Furthermore, since the place is located on the banks of the river Bramhaputra there is also an important river port near the district court which is located here.

Beltola Bazaar

This is one of the oldest bazaars in the city and many local fruits and vegetables can be bought here. This bazaar which has myriad varieties of fruits and vegetables is the trading point between the people of Meghalaya and the localities here. The market not only sells fruits but also has other palatable delicacies on offer in various restaurants that are situated here.

River Cruises

The river Bramhaputra offers a chance for boat rides and various vessels such as the Al-fresco, Jalporee, and Charaidew offer rides to visitors on this great river. The scenic landscape and the city of Guwahati can be viewed from a different perspective on these cruises. The sight of the setting sun from the boat is truly mesmerizing and an unforgettable experience for many people.

Assam State Museum

Located near Dighali Pukhuri this state museum has numerous rare specimens of Ahom Dynasty. Countless equipment, articles, dress materials belonging to the famous history of Assam can be found here. Various manuscripts written on Shashi-paat, antiques, sculptures, and other priceless artifacts are conserved and exhibited in this museum.

Kamakhya Temple

This is a famous temple located on the Nilachal Hill in the western part of the city and is a “Shakti” temple (temple of power) dedicated to worshipping various goddesses. The temple was built in 1565, the structure of the temple resembles a bee-hive and there are many sculpted panels with images of various Hindu gods and goddesses. The temple comes alive with many pilgrims during the month of autumn on the Navratri festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Dipor Bil Bird Sanctuary

Deepor bil or Dipor Bil is a freshwater lake situated in the south-west region of Guwahati and the word “Beel” literally means a lake. This wetland was a former channel of the river Bramhaputra and is of immense biological and environmental importance. This beautiful lake is not only home to many indigenous people but also to migratory birds. Approximately 219 species of birds with almost 79 migratory species can be found here. Sometimes there are thousands and thousands of birds which flock here to feed on the abundant fish species found in the lake.

There are many other temples and places of attraction that Guwahati has to offer and there are numerous wildlife sanctuaries located near the city. One of the most famous sanctuaries is Kaziranga National Park which is famous for its one horned Indian Rhino. No visit to Assam is complete without taking in the aesthetics and the mesmerizing attractions that this major city of the state has to offer.