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Getaway to Diveagar Beach near Pune

Getaway to Diveagar Beach near Pune

The picturesque Diveagar Beach is located on the shore of meautiful Arabic sea. Diveagar Beach is one of the cleanest beaches with intense natural beauty. Tender sands below the feet and coconut tree cultivations at the backdrop add to the pristine beauty of the beach. The beach is easily accessible from Pune and therefore is great weekend destination near Pune. So if you are looking for some relaxing moments in the lap of nature then Diveagar Beach is a perfect destination to soothe yourself in the intoxicating natural air. Lord Suvarnaganesha temple is the main attraction of tourist visiting there. Go out for a weekend retreat from the hectic city life of Pune and come back rejuvenated along with the blessings of Lord Suvarnaganesha.

How to reach there

On vehicle the Pune-Diveagar route is via Paud Road, Mulshi, Tamhini Ghat, Vile, Mangaon, Sai Morba, Mhasla, and finally Diveagar. Other than private vehicle, buses are also available from Swargate to Diveagar everyday at 12 noon and 5pm in the evening.

Major attractions in Diveagar

  • Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple

History of Lord Suvarnaganesha Temple dates back to November 17,1998 when a copper box was unearthed near a coconut cultivation near the temple. The box had some words encrypted on it. The whole village accumulated to see the contents of the box. Much to their anxiety a sculpture of Lord Ganesha made out of pure gold and ornaments belonging to the Lord were found. After the incident God was named as “Suvarnaganesh”. People of that village believes that God is blessing and the place is divine.

  • Seashore

Seashores are one of the main attractions of Diveagar. Sea-shore behind Sundarnarayan temple is about 4-5 kilometers long. The serenity of the place and the semi circle sea gives you a welcoming hand from the nature.

  • Sundernarayan Temple

Also known as Rupnarayan temple, the temple is believed to have a history that dates back to the rule of King Shilahar. The four hands of the idol are curved in such a manner that when seen in a clockwise direction one can see 24 different appearances of Lord Vishnu.

Food and accommodation

There are several hotels and resorts in Diveagar for a comfortable stay. The hotels and resorts are equipped with modern facilities such as self contained standard rooms, AC, attached bathrooms with shower and hot water, separate toilets for drivers etc. these hotels also have in-house restaurants where you can george on some delicious cuisines.


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