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Ganesh Chaturthi in Pictures

ganesh festival photos

Ganesh Chaturthi is the most celebrated festival in Maharashtra. The day is celebrated to mark birthday of Lord Ganesh, the son of Shiva & Parvati. The tradition of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi as an extravagant occasion was started by Lokmanya Tilak. It was in the year 1893 when Ganesh Utsav from a private domestic event became a public event. The Ganesh festival celebrated in the year 1893 was the first large, well-organized public event where every household was a part of it. Since then celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi has become on of the most awaited festival in Maharashtra. The celebrations get bigger and bigger with each year that passes.

Ganesh festival Photos

The festival lasts for 10 days. It starts in the month of Bhaadrapada, starting on the shukla chaturthi (fourth day of the waxing moon period) and ends on Anant Chaturdashi (fourteenth day of the waxing moon period). Ganesh Utsav also marks the beginning of the festive season which lasts up-till Bhai Dooj.

ganesh festiva pictures

The festivities and preparations can be felt and seen days before the actual festival. The decorations starts months in advance. Every corner an street is decorated with garlands and lights. And you can see various Pandals across the roads. Sometimes you can even see 2 – 3 Pandals within 100 meters, such is the enthusiasm.

ganesh festival photos

Following are some pictures of the Ganesh Utsav from previous years.

ganesh festival photos

Ganesh Festival photos

Ganesh Festival in pictures

Ganesh Festival Photos

ganesh festival photos

Ganesh Utsav pictures

Ganesh Chaturthi in pictures

Ganesh Mahotsav pictures

Ganesh Chaturthi photos

Ganesh Festival Pictures