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First Serial Flying Car to be Presented in Geneva

The basic version of the auto-helicopter will cost around €299.000.

The Dutch company Pal-V is ready to present its brand new flying car Liberty to the broad public one year after the preorders started. The event, where the organizers will showcase the first serial flying car ever, will be held in the frame of Geneva Motor Show 2018 at Geneva Palexpo. The Motor Show starts on March 8.

Pal-V considers their project to become the breakthrough in the evolution of the flying automobiles. The Dutchmen have been working on Pal-V Liberty for 10 years and designed the machine according to the all existing standards, applied both in the EU and US regulations to automobiles and aircraft.

Pal-V Liberty has three wheels and does not exceed the size of an average car. It was made quite well-knit to fit city traffic and to park well, especially in a basement car park. Earlier, one could only dream about such hybrid, when playing games, and now we have Pal-V Liberty, which transforms into a flying aircraft from a ground vehicle in a matter of 5-10 minutes – just in our real world!

The engine of the auto-hybrid boasts a one-hundred horsepower. The car makes a 0-100 kph time of approximately 9 seconds with a maximum speed in the ground mode estimating to 169 kph with a cruising range of 1315 km. While flying, Pal-V will be able to reach the range of 50-180 kph and to cross the distance equalling to 500 km. The pilot will need at least 30 m to land.

The basic flying vehicle configuration will cost €299.000, while the high line vehicle will be €499.000. With the price so big, the first buying public seems to be either millionaires or the lucky ones who play the online casino. Pal-V Liberty still has to undergo a number of tests with the final certification to come in 2018. The flying car will be off the rotation in one year.

Notably, this is not the first time when a flying car steps in the market. Last year, the Japanese manufacturer Toyota claimed that they will put $350.000 on the invention of the auto-aircraft. The project launched back in 2012 was named Cartivartor and was financed through the crowdfunding platforms. The estimated date of the project finish is 2019. According to the data published, the flying vehicle will have both ground and air mode and will be designed by analogy with a quadcopter equipped with four rotors.