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Diwali – The Tradition of Lights

Diwali - The Tradition of Lights

Diwali or Deepawali is one of the most popular Hindu festival celebrated all across the nation. It is known as the festival of lights as all the streets, shopping malls, shops, houses are decorated with light and flowers. The Diwali illuminations with lighted diyas bring the supernatural brightness and joy with the hope of finding light in darkness, achieving knowledge where there is ignorance, and spreading love amidst hatred. Diwali is also known as the Festival of Lights.

Diwali lights signifies the win of light over the darkness, good over evil. Traditionally people use ‘earthen lamps’ with cotton wicks and oil to light up the dark night. The tale behind this festivals belongs to Lord Ram and his wife Seeta. This festivals marks Lord Rama’s return from a twelve-year exile and the celebration by the people for their beloved hero.

As the festive season approaches near, markets get flooded with various types of gifts, decoration, and puja items. The crafted and designer diyas are one of the big attractions in such markets. Diyas embellished with zari, painted patterns, mirrors, etc. are quite enticing by their very appearance. Diwali melas, markets, and haats, showcase a multitude of handcrafted items made by ceramic and handicraft artists throughout the country.

One of the most attractive part of Diwali preparation is the Kandil. It is a sort of paper / fabric hanging lantern used to decorate a house. At some places people use ready-made kandil and at some place its is a family tradition to make Kandil at home. Kandils are very popular in the state of Maharashtra. Day before Diwali the shops are full of these colorful kandils and marks the beginning of festive season. Along with these decorative kandils you will also find variations in candles including scented candles, floating candles and colorful jelly candles.

However old may be the tradition of diyas on Diwali, it has never lost its significance and charm. Diwali celebrations are incomplete and graceless without the use of Diwali diyas. There is no doubt, diyas were, are, and will remain a significant part of the Diwali festival. Some people mistakenly think that the charm of diwali increases with crackers but they should re-think that It is Festival of Lights and not festival of loud sounds. Just Think about it.