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Discover The Top 5 Exceptional and Underrated Places in India to Visit

Discover The Top 5 Exceptional and Underrated Places in India to Visit

Many of us have traveled through the length and breadth of the country and might have skipped some of the exceptional places in India to visit. It is probably because we haven’t heard much about these exotic locations in India. Or in other words we can say that these the underrated tourist destinations in India. Each year about 5 million foreign tourist come to India and most likely many of the country’s spectacular monuments, cities and natural wonders remain largely unseen. Imagine if every monument and every tourist destination has a similar amount of tourist inflow, Indian tourism will boom, boom with a bang.

Here we have a list of five such places we feel are exceptional and are underrated:

  • Sanchi :

    One of the UNESCO’s World Heritage site in India is Sanchi. Surprisingly, it is the oldest Buddhist sanctuary on Earth, dating back to the first century B.C. but rarely visited. The Sanchi village is the locations where the oldest Buddhist Sanctuary is. It should be promoted as one of the ancient and the oldest Sites to visit in India. Some of the monuments here date back to third century BC. The best of all the monuments in this village is the Great Stupa and it was originally commissioned by Emperor Ashoka. Even today, these monuments are a sight to behold!

  • Hampi :

    Hampi is a small village in the southern state of India, Karnataka. It was once the capital of Vijayanagar Empire. The empire ruled southern India from 14th to 16th century. Then the village was a magnificent site with great monuments and temples. Today all you can see are the remains of the great structures. It is believed that there were above 500 such massive structures. It is a great historic site and is now listed in UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. Bearing silent testimony to all that was once grand, these beautiful ruins do tell a story that simply needs to be heard!

  • Khajuraho Temples :

    The ancient village of Khajuraho is home to the awe-inspiring Khajuraho temples. Khajuraho is a town located in the State of Madhya Pradesh in India and is famous for its exquisite temples, their carvings and the architecture. The place is a very popular tourist attraction not only because of the temples but also due to the presence of the erotic carvings that adorn the walls of some of the temples. Originally there were 85 temples but many were destroyed by Muslim invaders and only 25 temples remain. These Hindu and Jain temples were built somewhere between 250 and 1030 A.D and many are still intact. Hundreds of tourists as well as worshippers throng the place to admire the art and architecture that this unique place has to offer.

  • Kanha Meadows:

    When speaking of wildlife reserves in India, the Ranthambore National Park and the Jim Corbett National Park readily come to mind. Although not very popular, the Kanha Meadows is an equally great wildlife reserve. The Kanha National Park is situated in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is one of the top wildlife sanctuaries in India. The park is over nine hundred square kilometers in area and is also a Tiger Reserve. It has a considerable population of Royal Bengal Tigers, Sloth Bears, Leopards, and wild dogs. The rare Indian wolf can also be spotted in the far eastern side of the park; however it is hard to spot and is on the endangered list due to dwindling numbers.

  • The Brahmaputra:

    People all over the world and Indians too consider the mighty Ganges as the greatest river in India. Although not as famous, the Brahmaputra river is equally magnificent. It can be navigated at almost all its points and carries much more water than the Ganga. The only Indian river with a male name, the Brahmaputra (Son of Brahma) is definitely a must see tourist attraction.



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