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Dapoli – Mahabaleshwar of Konkan


Dapoli can be best described as a place where a hill station and a beach come together Situated at a height of 800feet above sea level in Ratnagiri District, on the west coast of Maharashtra, India. Dapoli is blessed with natural beauty and cool climate throughout the year having a long coastline surrounded with forest and is a home for various migratory birds and animals. Dapoli also known as “Mahabaleshwar of Konkan” is a perfect place to spend time with friends and family for weekend or for holidays.

About Dapoli

With the increase in tourism konkan beaches are still untouched, unexplored, unspoiled and are the cleanest ones on the entire western coast on India. The beaches of Dapoli are amongst them. There is lot to see in and around Dapoli. You can go for hiking in the jungles, visit ancient temples, forts, caves and not to forget is the hot springs nearby. If you are planning your visit to Dapoli in summers do not forget to treat yourself with Dapoli’s famous Alphonso (Hapus) Mango.

How to Reach Dapoli

Dapoli is easily assessable from Mumbai and Pune. It’s hardly a couple of hours drive from Mumbai / Pune. It can be an ideal weekend getaway destination. You can heir cars from various tour operators and Travel agents can help booking your Bus / Train tickets. Stay in Dapoli will not be a problem at all; here you can get budget resorts and hotels depending on your pocket.

By Train:
Mumbai – Dapoli
• Mumbai – Khed Station (via Konkan Railway)
• Khed Station – Dapoli (29 km) (via private transport – jeeps, etc. / state transport – ST buses)

By Road:
Mumbai – Dapoli (235 km)
State transport (ST) buses / private buses / rented car
• Mumbai — Mangaon (via NH – 17) — Turn right at Lonere Phata
• Lonere Phata — Goregaon — Turn left towards Purar / Nandavi
• Purar — Ambet — Dapoli (After Ambet, follow sign boards till Dapoli)
(Route map: Mumbai – Panvel – Pen – Mangaon – Lonere Phata – Goregaon – Ambet – Shenale – Mandangad – Dapoli)

Pune – Dapoli

Three road routes exist. All of them are abound with lush green trees and take you through the undulating Sahyadri mountains. These ranges dotted with numerous small and large waterfalls in monsoon are truly a breathtaking sight. State transport (ST) buses / cars & jeeps available on rent

1. Via Tamhini ghat (200 km)
• Pune — Paud – Pirangut Road — Tamhini Ghat — Turn left at Vile
• Vile — Nijampur — Mangaon .You will reach NH – 17.
• NH – 17 — Turn right at Lonere Phata — Goregaon — Turn left towards Purar / Nandavi.
• Purar — Ambet — Dapoli (After Ambet, follow sign boards till Dapoli).
• After Ambet follow sign boards to reach Dapoli.
(Road map: Pune – Chandani Chauk – Paud – Mulshi – Dongarwadi – Tamhini Ghat – Vile – Nijampur – Mangaon – Lonere Phata – Goregaon – Ambet – Mhapral – Shenale – Mandangad – Dapoli)

2. Via Mahabaleshwar (235 km)
• Pune — Pune – Bangalore Highway — Shirur
• Turn right towards Wai — Panchgani — Mahabaleshwar — Ambenali Ghat — Poladpur.
• You will reach NH17 at Poladpur.
• Turn left towards Bharana Naka at Poladpur — Turn right at Bharana Naka — Khed.)
• Follow sign boards towards Dapoli.
(Road map via Mahabaleshwar: Pune – Shirur – Wai – Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar – Poladpur – Bharna Naka – Khed – Furus – Wakawali – Dapoli)

3. Via Bhor (185 km)
• Pune — Pune – Bangalore Highway — Khed Shivapur
• Turn right just ahead of Khed Shivapur at Bhor Phata
• Bhor — Varandha Ghat — Cross NH – 17 at “Hotel Sagar” just outside Mahad — Latwan.
• Follow sign boards towards Dapoli.
(Road map via Bhor: Pune – Khed Shivapur – Bhor – Varandha Ghat – Latwan – Dapoli)

Places of Interest

Dapoli has a rich culture and heritage. Dapoli was a military camp for the British soldiers. Dapoli is also famous for one of the four Agricultural Universities in Maharashtra named Dr. Balasaheb Sawant Kokan Krishi Vidyapeeth. Jaalgaon,a village in Dapoli was awarded sant gadgebaba gram swachatta award for cleanest village by the maharashtra government.

Suvarnadurg Fort – Harne

Suvarnadurg is an island fortress near Harnai in Konkan, along the western coast of India, between Mumbai and Goa. Located at 17 km from Dapoli at Harne, the Suvarnadurg fort consists of two forts, Kanakdurg the land fort and Suvarnadurg the sea fort. It was built by Adilshah, Sultan of Bijapur and was later captured by Shivaji in 1660. It was used initially to counter the Siddis, but was also used as a defence against European interests and was a base for the Maratha navy’s shipbuilding facility.

Panhalekaji Caves

40 Km away from Dapoli is the ancient caves of Panhalekaji also known as Pranaldurg. The “Leni” or caves at Panhalekaji are a must see site. The historians have recently discovered these caves & now are major tourists attraction. Named after the king Pranal, they also known as Pranaldurg. There are a total of 29 caves. They are situated at the place where Kotjai & Dhakti meet. The caves are the best examples of ancient sculptures.

Unhavare – Hot Water Springs

There are natural hot water springs at Unhavare Village, 20 km from Dapoli (Near Panhalekaji caves). It is a small village with the springs as its only attraction and lots of people from surrounding areas come here regularly to bathe in the Hot Sulphur water springs. Separate shelters are made for men and women to take a dip in the rejuvenating hot water. A bath in the water is said to cure skin ailments. There are no charges for taking a bath here.

Kadyavarcha Ganpati

This ganesh temple is at Anjarle village which comes under Dapoli taluka. Anjarle is famous for the ‘Kadyawarcha Ganpati’ (Ganesh temple situated on a cliff). This ancient and magnificent Ganesh temple was originally constructed using wooden pillars in around 1150. Later it was renovated during 1768 to 1780.


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