Explore traditional Indian handicrafts & cultures behind them. Learn more about India’s traditional arts, crafts & Indian paintings.

The Art of Shaping and Baking

Pottery making in India is equally famous as any other form of craft and handicr

The Painted Floors of India

Rangoli is one of the most colorful, pleasant and beautiful art forms of India.

Rangoli Flower Designs and Patterns

Rangoli is always attractive in any form, be it traditional, modern, or made wit

Your Search for Beautiful Rangoli Design Ends Here

We all know that its the festive time and all of us want to decorate our house.

Rangoli Designs With Flowers – The Colors of...

Rangoli in India is probably one of the most popular and traditional art. It is

Phulkari – The Traditional Embroidery of Pun...

The word Phulkari literally means “flower-embroidery”. The art of Phulkari o

Kalamkari – The Ancient Indian Art of Organi...

Kalamkari is an ancient Indian art that originated about 3000 years ago. It deri

The Ancient Indian Folk Art Tradition of Warli

Indian Paintings have always been famous for super creative and imaginative work

Rangoli – Colors of India

Color is the most important element of India. From bright colorful clothes to be

The Best Known Ethnic Weaves and Prints of India

Indian handlooms are known for their richness, exquisiteness, variety and fine q