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Creative and New Job trends – Visual Merchandising & Retail Management

Visual Merchandising

New job trends have entered the Indian market. Retail industry is the sector that has grown in the last few years by leaps and bounds. There is a huge demand for Visual Merchandising and Retail Management work profiles now-a-days. Visual Merchandising is the art of presentation, which puts the merchandise in focus and in perspective too. It educates the customers, creates desire and finally augments the selling process. This is a nascent area of the Indian retail industry, therefore a professional program on Visual Merchandising will go a long way in addressing this gap.

Visual Merchandising

As the concept of large retail stores gains ground in India, the practice and concept of Visual Marketing(VM) is likely to grow exponentially. In the western countries VM receives highest priority in commercial planning of a product. As seasons change, the merchandise collections / planograms too change in a retail store.

When such changes take place the store too undergoes a transformation in decor and visual presentation to appeal to the consumers while announcing new arrivals in merchandise collection. This phenomenon of transformation of visual presentations and displays of merchandise accompanied by relevant thematic props, is still very new in India. VM and Displays have a storyboard effect communicating with innovation to the customer besides being a ‘Silent salesman for a retail store’.

Courses in Visual Merchandising

This course is specially meant for professionals who yearn to imbibe the art of impeccable presentation emanating verve, flamboyance and simultaneously drawing the attention of consumers in the retail stores, exhibition, fashion, boutiques and museums. Visual merchandising provides interactive retail experience and electronic fashion striving for the convergence of fashion design, interior design, architecture, lighting and music.

Career in Retail Management

Indian retailing, though enjoys many unique features, is still done in a primitive way. Barring a few exceptions, Indian retailers, particularly FMCG retailers, are not in a position to implement world class practices of supply chain management. The concepts of Quick Response or Efficient Consumer Response are unheard of in Indian retailing.

Ways and means to strengthen the position of the retailing industry, doing away with the causes for the inefficiencies, therefore, are being taken up in an urgent manner. Such measures may include establishment of retailers co-operatives, merger and buy-out, use of technology to the greatest possible extent, setting up of non-store retailing centers and increase in franchisee network. So there is a rising need for man power to fill in these positions.

Courses Retail Management

Accman & Pantaloon Retail (India) Ltd. have entered into a strategic alliance for offering Post Graduate Program in Retail Management– an industry focused and career oriented program with specially designed modules that coalesce the disciplines of Business Management with a super specialization in Retail Management, targeted at young and dynamic graduates looking for a successful career in Retail.