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Chitrakoot Falls – The Largest Waterfall in India

Chitrakoot Falls - The Largest Waterfall in India

Chitrakoot waterfalls, popularly known as Niagara falls of india, is the largest waterfall in India that falls from a height of about 100 feet and widens up to 150 meters in peak rainy season. The horseshoe shaped fall is located near Jagdalpur, a small city in the state of Chhattisgarh. This fall is situated in Vindhyachal Ranges, which are stretched between Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

River Indravati, a tributary of Narmada, is the main source of this waterfall. During monsoon the waterfall turns wild and violent. Chitrakoot waterfall is best seen during and after the monsoon, between July and October. The chitrakoot is also a religious Hindu Pilgrimage center. Thousands of pilgrims come here for Hari darshan and pay their homage to the God Hari. Who ever comes to Chitrakoot makes sure to visit Chitrakoot Waterfall at least once.

How to reach Chitrakoot Waterfall

Jagdalpur is a popular city of Chhattisgarh and is very well connected to the rest of the state. Frequent bus services and taxis are available to reach Chitrakoot waterfall or you can also heir a private car.

Best time to visit Chitrakoot Waterfall

The first time visitors are sure to fall in love with this place and they just can’t have enough in just one visit. If you want to enjoy the wildness of the waterfall then July to the month of October would be the best time, the waterfalls of Chitrakoot attain its best phase and widens up to 150 mtr. But if you want to enjoy the calm white waterfall then best time to visit is during the winters which start from October to February.

Travel Tips

  • Chitrakoot is a religious town so maintain the sanctity of the place and do not wear short dresses.
  • During Monsoon the waterfall is very wild and violent so, extra care needs to be taken.
  • Do not allow children to go near the waterfall as the speed of water is very high. Even elders need to take care of themselves.
  • Be careful while walking on the rocks as they are very slippery.
  • There are bound to be touts in and around the falls and Chitrakoot. Beware of them. There are no trekking grounds of boating facilities here, so do not get lured by false promises.


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