Car Segmentation by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers

Car Segmentation by Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers

Common people like me always confuse between the car type and car segment. It has always been a difficult situation to identify a car type and to guess which segment it falls in. While browsing the internet I came across an article that had all the information about car segments and types. Then I came to know that segments are defined by length of the car and the shape of the body defines type.

Following are the specific categories of all vehicles sold in India as outlined by the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). Using the SIAM classification ensures that no vehicle type will slip through the net. These classifications help consumers to compare and identify similar vehicles and makes car buying process as easy as possible. It also helps identify other similar vehicles for consumers to compare against, to help make the car-buying process much easier.

Following is the classification of car Segments and types:

Car segments as per SIAM (Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers)

The classification of segment is done on the basis of the length of the vehicle (Passenger car segment)
A1 Segment – Mini – Up to 3400mm (M800, Nano)
A2 Segment – Compact – 3401 to 4000mm (Alto, wagon r, Zen,i10,A-star,Swift,i20,palio,indica etc)
A3 Segment – Midsize – 4001 to 4500mm (City, Sx4, Dzire, Logan, Accent, Fiesta, Verna etc)
A4 Segment – Executive – 4501 to 4700mm (Corolla, civic, C class, Optra, Octavia etc)
A5 Segment – Premiun – 4701 to 5000mm (Camry, E class, Accord, Sonata, Laura, Superb etc)
A6 Segment – Luxury – Above 5000mm (Mercedes S class, 5 series etc)
B1 Segment – Van – Omni, Versa, Magic etc
B2 Segment – MUV/MPV – Innova, Tavera, Sumo etc
SUV Segment – CRV, Vitara etc

Classification of Cars based on body Shape

ONE BOX (VAN/MPV) – It means Engine area, Passenger area & luggage area all in one box. There wont be separate compartment. For eg. Omni, Ace Magic, Versa
TWO BOX (HATCHBACK) – It means Engine are has a separate cabin while Passenger area and luggage area are together. For eg. M800, Alto, Santro, i10, A*, Swift etc.
THREE BOX (SEDAN/SALOON/NOTCHBACK) – It means Engine area, Passenger area & luggage area all are having different cabin. For eg. SX4, City, Fiesta, Dzire, Ambassador, Indigo CS etc.
ESTATE/STATION WAGON – Its nothing but sedan whose roof is extended till the rearto create more boot space. For eg. Indigo Marina, Octavia Combi, etc.
SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) – These vehicles have large tyres, higher seating, higher ground clearance. The engine area is separate, but the passenger & luggage area are enclosed together. Most of these vehicles are equipped with either 4 wheel drive system or has the option for that. For eg. CRV, SAFARI, GRAND VITARA, PAJERO etc
SEMI NOTCHBACK – Its a sedan whose boot door can be opened like a hatchback (wagon r, swift), where the rear wind sheild too opens along with the boot door. Unlike sedan whose rear wind sheild is always fixed. There are only few examples for SEMI NOTCHBACK – Skoda Octavia, Accent Viva.