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On-Screen Kisses that Made More Headlines than Landing on Moon

abhishek bachchan and John Abraham Kiss

Bollywood is the biggest entertainment industry in India.  Bollywood started producing feature films since 1930. The numbers restricted to 200 movies per annum. The number now has increased to over 800 films every year.  Bollywood Film are more of a masala material than being story oriented.

On a regular basis Bollywood films are now being shown in foreign countries like USA and UK. Indian films have become somewhat of an international obsession. Happy endings, long song sequences and not to forget the action sequences where Hero always wins attract millions of people. In a survey it was found that about 14 million Indians go to the movies on a daily basis. Where the cost of the movie tickets varies between INR. 100 – 300 (depending on movie hall & the day).

In India sensuality and Nudity is the matter of concern for everyone. Earlier the the scenes of intimacy were limited to hugs but now they have gone beyond that. There have been incidents when kissing scenes caused bus burns, train block and other kinds of protests.

So, a lip lock or a kissing scene in Bollywood can cause a huge damage and stink.

Here are some of the most controversial on-screen kisses that caused some or the other kind of protest in the nation.

Amrita Arora and Isha Koppikar in Girlfriend

Hrithik Roshan & Aishwarya Rai in Dhoom 2

Mallika Sherawat & Himanshu Malik in Khwahish

Amitabh Bachchan & Rani Mukherjee in Black


Emraan Hashmi & Mallika Sherawat in Murder

Mallika Sherawat & Emran hashmi


Rani Mukherjee & Kamal Hassan in Hey Ram

Rani mukherjee and Kamal Hassan in Hey Ram

Abhishek Bachchan & John Abraham in Dostana

abhishek bachchan and John Abraham Kiss