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Bollywood & Amul Connection

Is there anyone in this country who hasn’t seen the Amul ads on the hoardings by the road sides, and not chuckled? The longest running ad, still hasn’t lost its charm with its never-changing famous moppet in polka dotted frock and a half pony tied up.

The slogan has always been ‘Utterly Butterly delicious’. What is it about the Amul ad that has kept the viewers wanting more? The biggest success seems to be like that of the Common Man, no particular time or period could have frozen this character. It does not belong to an era. It has moved along with time reacting to the new events through time.

Amul works on a philosophy hat says “Its a mixture of keeping with the times, humor and understanding the need of the hour of the people.” Amul hoardings are a thing of attractions in India.

Here is a list of some of the best Amul Hoardings