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Bold & Controversial Films of Bollywood

The First silent feature film made in India was Raja Harishchandra. It was released in 1913. The first Indian sound film was Ardeshir Irani’s Alam Ara released in 1931. 1931 to 2012 Indian cinema has come a long way in terms of technology, art & direction, budget and all other possible terms. One thing that has changes drastically is the attitude. Its more open and bold now as compared to what it was 80 – 85 years ago.

Indian Cinema is now comprises of a realm of matured, liberal minded experiment oriented people who do not hesitate trying new things. Many of the films made by these open minded people crash into controversies for one or more reasons. Some are criticized for their stories, some for their bold scenes and others for their un-acceptable content.

Following we have listed Bollywood’s most controversial movies of all the time.


The movie was absolutely fine as far as the display, visual and content was concerned. But, it did create a buzz in the country and was banned by Indira Gandhi for quite some time. For some reason Indira Gandhi felt that the movie was mildly influenced by her life.


Chetna is a story of a straight-forward hard drinking prostitute. The lead role was played by Rehana Sultan, Anil Dhavan and Shtrughan Sinha. The bold and steamy scenes of the film were not taken easily by the audience in early 70’s that lead into a controversy. It is also believed that the film is responsible for destroying Rehana’s career as she got type casted thereafter.

Insaaf Ka Tarazu

There wasn’t anything special in the movie, but there was a major controversy related to a rape scene of a 13 year old minor girl. The role was played by Padmini Kolhapure. The rape scene fumed into controversies and was considered by most to be titillating & exploitative. However, the film was a box-office hit.


The film was released in 1996 and undergone various controversies for its bold content. The story of the film revolves around two lesbians who are sisters-in-law and are also victims of unsuccessful marriages. Fire was the first ever film in the mainstream cinema to explicitly show homosexual relations.

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Zeenat Aman’s provocative dressing and extremely steamy scenes between Rishi Kapoor and her fumed furry among the audience. The film was banned for some time. However the film was a huge success and won various awards.

Black Friday

Black Friday is based on a true life event of ’93 Bombay blasts. The film revolves around the intense events and happening of the blasts. It was not released in Indian theaters for two years as, on the eve of its release, a petition seeking a stay was filed by the people named in the film, the alleged perpetrators of the crime. Since the verdict was still pending for the 1993 case, they argued that the film would bias public opinion against them and affect the court’s decision, an argument that was ultimately upheld by the court (Source: wikipedia).


Sins is a story of a Catholic priest who is romantically involved with a young woman. The film was protested against by those that felt it was a negative portrayal of Catholicism and indecent. The film was banned due to its highly erotic content.

Kissa Kursi Ka

Kissa Kursi Ka was a controversial film that revolved around a corrupt and evil politician. The spoof is based on ’emergency’ and ‘Sanjay Gandhi’. The film was banned by the Indian Government (congress) and all prints were confiscated.

Bandit Queen

Though it was inspired from real life events and whole of the movies was a true depiction of the painful life of Phoolan Devi. The movie was acclaimed all over the world but the gang rape scene along with some other scenes and content created controversies. Phoolan herself wanted to stop the nation wide release of the film.

Ek Choti Si Love Story

The film was based on a teenager attracted to a married middle aged woman. Manisha Koirala played the lead role. Manisha Koirala accused the authorities for using body double in the steamy scenes created controversies. She accused the film production for using body double without her consent to which she tried to hinder the film release.