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Blue Frog Club-Mumbai’s Hottest Club



Everybody is going crazy about Mumbai’s Blue Frog, opened earlier this year. It’s a 1,000-square-meter complex that includes a club, restaurant, lounge, sound stage, recording studio and sound lab, all encased within the massive walls of an old warehouse in Mumbai’s mill district.

Blue Frog Club is Mumbai’s premier live music performance space. Housed in a 6,000 square foot defunct warehouse in Lower Parel, the club blends acoustic excellence and lush, opulent ambience design with live performances, inventive cuisine and an excellent bar.

Live music runs 6 nights a week, EVERY week, with international artists featured regularly. Genres of music range from jazz, blues, funk, soul and afro/latin to electronic, club, rock, folk and lots more.

Each pod is acoustically treated, and is surrounded by specialized coloured lighting that gives you an immersive experience of the show.

Designers Chris Lee and Kapil Gupta formerly of Chris Lee Architects and Contemporary Urban, and now of Serie (London and Mumbai) have managed to create a cohesive yet exciting space by stripping the visual cues down to a only a few very strong ones.

The equilibrium-challenging effect is achieved by the clever surround-millwork that uses a circle as its main form. The mahogany-paneled millwork circles each round table, forming circular booths or pods in somewhat varying shapes at various levels, guaranteeing great sightlines for all. Not wanting to compete with the lighting or other embellishments of the stage acts, the interior is dark except for the top surface of the booths. The glowing back-lit resin surfaces tie the seating area together even when a stage show is on, and make it a bit easier to gain one’s bearings in the otherwise dark space. Like seating in a Roman amphitheatre, the pods circle and rise from a stage area that can also double as standing room or dance floor in a club set-up.

Forget dinner theatre – here, dinner is theatre. A show kitchen and bar co-exist harmoniously: while a bartender muddles a mojito, a chef grills lip-smackin’ spare ribs beside him. The menu draws from several global cuisines as well as contemporary Indian flavours; fresh cocktails, specialty drinks, a wide range of premium spirits and a good wine selection drives the bar. Tapas-like finger foods and a flexible degustation sampling selection round off the experience.

The Overall experience is a lush, opulent sensory experience that will blow away your head, heart and soul, but not your ears. Blue frog is definitely one of the Hottest Clubs in India and ‘The Hottest in Mumbai’