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Bike Modification in India

Bike Modification

India has now become the favorite market for all bike manufacturers. There are more bike enthusiasts then anywhere in the world. That may be the reason that all major giants in two wheeler industry are seeing India as the perfect place to launch their new bike or a new model. In recent past we have seen a lot of launches taking place first in India and then anywhere else. Not many bikers in India can afford the expensive Imported superbikes, but they do crave for them. Many People now try to replicate their dream bikes. If you are among those who crave for a giant super machine but doesn’t have a lot of money to get one. Here we have listed a few Bike modifiers who can help you out to get your bike the looks of your dream machine.

Imitation of Super-bikes

Who doesn’t need attention? I’m sure all of us do. It’s a common psyche of a youngster to seek attention of fellow friends and people around. Especially when they are riding a superbike the girls fall for them and that’s all a guy wants. He wants to be the most talked about personality in his group. But can not afford to spend lakhs of money to get a macho machine to draw the attention.  People like these always search for another option. Here the other option is to get your old bike modified in a complete new one.

Types of Modifications

Bikes could be modified in two ways: Performance wise or Looks wise. You could go for the both too. Looks modification could give you the satisfaction of riding a super bike. However, performance modification in no way guarantees that your bike would not perform like the bike of your dreams.

Modification Kits

Now days you can easily get the modification kit for each and every part of your bike. The creative people can surely create their own designs as well. Most body works are done using fiberglass reinforced plastic which offers one the quality of parts, perfect finish and a glazing surface. If you want to modify the looks of you bike then the kit includes clip on handlebars, stylish graphics and stickers, mag-alloy wheels, rear view mirrors, tuned exhaust silencer, specially designed seats etc.

Who to Approach

We would advise you to approach any experienced bike modifier rather than a simple mechanic. It is a job to be done by specialists. So you better leave it to a specialist. Do proper consideration before deciding on a modifier. Do have a look on the previous modifications done by the modifiers. Have patience as Bike modification may take a little long time than you expect.

Effects of Modifications

You must keep in mind that modification does not change a cheaper bike to super bike. It just fakes the physical appearance. So even if you get a bike resemble a highly superior bike, you must be aware of the limitations of the basic model. Performance modifications do increase the efficiency of the bike, to a limited extent. Body modification usually decreases mileage and performance, for the basic engine is not toned to those accoutrements.

Bike Modifiers

Here is a list of bike modifiers. However, you should keep in mind that the list is neither complete nor recommended by us. It is a random list just to help you if that is what you are searching for.

•    Ultimate Bike, 41, Ashoka Park, Main Rohtak Road, Bank of Baroda Building (Rampura), New Delhi-110035
•    Kaulson Overseas Pvt. Ltd., 7/58, South Patel Nagar, New Delhi – 110 001
•    DC Design, Okhla
•    Lalli Singh’s, near the Karol Bagh post office
•    Modvike, Kirti Nagar
•    Saboo Senny Bike Care, Kalkaji
•    Western Fabrications Works, Mayapuri
•    Nanna Motors, Wazirabad
•    Metal Leopard Atul: 9212393630, 9871166577,011-43042309 e-mail : metal.leopard@gmail.com
•    Sagar  – metalartzian@yahoo.com. 09818103324
•    3, Matree Row House, Athwalines. Surat – 395007, Gujarat, INDIA. 09227935909 E-Mail : kaystarlubricants@yahoo.com