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Best Time to Visit Valley Of Flowers

Looking for best time to visit Valley Of Flowers?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Best time to visit Valley Of Flowers is from April till October.

Nestled high in West Himalaya, the Valley of Flowers is renowned for its meadows of alpine flowers and captivating natural beauty. Located in the Uttarakhand state, the entire Valley of Flowers is endowed with multicolored species of flowers, green pastures, beautiful waterfalls, landscapes and a strong aroma that drapes the valley in intoxication. Spread over 87.5 square kilometers, Valley of flowers was declared a national park in 1982 and a World Heritage Site.

The Valley of Flowers National Park is located in Chamoli Garhwal, close to Nanda Devi National Park. Located about 595 km (370 miles) from Delhi, it has an altitude that varies from 10,500 feet to 21,900 feet above sea level. The Valley of Flowers is only open from April to October as it’s covered in snow the rest of the year. The best time to visit Valley of Flowers is from July to August, when the flowers are in full bloom after the first monsoon rain. Going before July may deprive you of the panoramic views of the flowers.


  • Carry your stuff in a rucksack, avoid carrying suitcases.
  • It is recommend that you ensure yourself against altitude sickness. It does affect many people.
  • Make sure you carry enough water and a complete first aid kit with essential medicines.
  • Warm clothing will be required to keep off the cold winds of the Himalayas
  • Be double sure of your fitness. You have to walk a lot to reach Valley of Flowers.