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Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park

Looking for best time to visit Tadoba National Park?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Best time to visit Tadoba National Park is from October till June.

One of the finest tiger habitats Taboba is home to many other mammals, reptiles and insects. The complex web of life is interlinked inseparable with the floral elements. Bison, wolf, hyena, jackal, wild dogs and fox are secondary carnivores. Among the Central Indian deer species one can see the sambar, spotted deer, barking deer, chinkara, Nilgai and the four horned deer. Reptiles here include the endangered Indian python and the common Indian monitor. Terrapins, Indian star tortoise, Indian Cobra and Russel’s viper also live in Tadoba.

Tadoba national park is open for visitors from 15-Oct to 30-June every season. Tadoba national park remains Full-day CLOSED for visitors on every Tuesday. The main attraction of the Tadoba National Park is its jungle safari trips. Open top Gypsy vehicles, buses with trained local guides are available for visitors.