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Best Time to Visit Sawantwadi

Looking for best time to visit Sawantwadi?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Best time to visit Sawantwadi is from November till March.

Sawantwadi is a beautiful picturesque town located in Sindhudurg district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Sawantwadi is known for its wooden toys and models thanks to an active woodcraft industry. It is also becoming a major tourist attraction. Sawantwadi was previously known as Sunderwadi and many of the locales still refer it as Sawantwadi. The name Sawantwadi came into the practice because of the surname of the state’s ruling family of Khem-sawants. The palace was earlier located on Narendra hill. Khemsawant III constructed the existing palace in late 18th century (1755–1803), and Moti-Talao (Talao-lake) was built in front in 1874.

The name Sunderwadi literally translates as a beautiful locality. Today, the town is known for its beautiful beaches and the water sports facilities. Sawantwadi is also one of the oldest civilization in the state of Maharashtra. The most popular Attractions of the town is the Moti lake located right in the center of the town. The beach town, Sawantwadi is flanked by Arabian sea on one side and the hills on the other. The town is also popular for its wooden toys and Ganjifa art (lace work). The wooden toys made here are sold all over India.

The best season to visit Sawantwadi is from the month of November to February i.e during winter. The climate during these months is pleasant and calm. As it is a coastal town, the summers here are really hot. The maximum temperature here is above 35 degree centigrade. Despite being hot & humid, many tourists prefer to visit Sawantwadi in this season because of the school vacations. This area receives heavy rainfall and is not generally visited by many tourists. But you can make an exception and still visit this place during heavy rains. You will be treated to scenic view and great deals on accommodation and sight-seeing.