Looking for best time to visit Rajbag Beach?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Best time to visit Rajbag Beach is from November till March.

The beautiful Rajbag beach in Goa is situated across a stream at the south end of the Palolem beach. This south Goa beach has stretches of white sand, casuarinas trees and many dunes. The sand here is clean and also the water is safe for swimming.

The Rajbag beach that was once among the remote beaches of Goa has now become popular among tourists due to a five star resort situated here that is also helpful to some for accommodation. One can also enjoy a hand paddled ferry trip at Rajbag in the Talpona River south from the beach to get across. The Talpona beach that has low dunes and some palms can be reached once across by walking a small distance.