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Best Time to Visit Panchgani

Looking for best time to visit Panchgani?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Best time to visit Panchgani is from August till March.

Many of us are aware of this beautiful small hill station. Panchgani is another hill station situated 20 kms East of Mahabaleshwar and is 100km away from Pune. Panchgani is very famous for its boarding schools; many of them cater to the kids of rich and famous. It is also a popular filming site in Bollywood. The climate of Panchgani is cool and pleasant. The air is pollution free as the automobiles are not allowed after a certain point. Many visitors explore this place by walking down the streets. The popular attractions include the largest table land in South East Asian region, the Devil’s Kitchen, Sidney Point, Harrison’s valley point, Dhom Dam and Parsi Point.

Weather here used to be pleasant throughout the year, but latest developments in the region have disturbed it somehow. It is recommended to avoid visiting this hill station during summers, because it gets really heated up than your expectations. The best time to visit Panchgani would be from August to March. Climate during this period is favorable and you’ll enjoy it better.


  • If you want to enjoy parasailing, avoid visiting Panchgani during monsoons
  • Table Land is one of the most popular tourist place here. Don’t miss a chance to visit it.
  • You’ll have to walk a lot here. Carry your sports shoes along. It’s easy to walk in them.
  • Wear confortable and appropriate clothes while parasailing, dresses like saree, and skirts are to be avoided for obvious reasons.
  • Carry all necessary medicines with you.