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Best Time to Visit Canaguinim Beach

Looking for best time to visit Canaguinim Beach?

If yes, you have come to the right place. Best time to visit Canaguinim Beach is from November till March.

Canaguinim beach Goa is a comparatively small but different from other popular Goa beaches in the sense that at Canaguinim beach tourism opens way for experiencing perfect and magical fusion of luxuriant green sea shore, crystal clear waters and calmingly pristine beach environment. Canaguinim beach consists of two amazing beaches i.e. the North Canaguinim beach and the South Canaguinim beach.

North Canaguinim has a length of about 350 meters; from the western side it is protected by land shaft and in the north it is crossed by a small river.

South Canaguinim has a length of about 180 meters and has lots of stones, which makes it unsuitable for beach activities. But still this part of Canaguinim is perfect for picnics, sun baths and pleasant walks.

Canaguinim beach is surrounded by lush wild vegetation, covered with golden sand and washed by warm waters of the Arabian Sea. Canaguinim beach is also famous for some splendid views of the historic Cabo de Rama fort situated towards the south end of the beach. Water world of Canaguinim beach terminating with stretch of the silver sand is swim safe and greenery of sea shore makes it photogenic.