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Best Time to Travel to Bangalore

best time to go to Bnagalore

Bangalore (officially Bengaluru), often referred as the Silicon Valley of India, is the capital city of Karnataka. Because of its beautiful gardens, Bangalore is often  dubbed as the ‘Garden City’ of India. Most of the city’s population comprises of highly intellectual and talented young students and professionals who come to Bangalore for the education and work opportunities the city offers. Bangalore is often referred with different names like IT capital of India, Pensioners Paradise, Pub city, Silicon Valley of India and Garden City of India.

The city has moderate climate year long i.e. neither its too hot nor too cold. Bangalore enjoys a relatively pleasant weather through out the year except for April and May. June, July and August are the months of heaviest rainfall whereas, September and October pleasant. Winters  months are from November to January (The coolest month is December with an average low temperature of 15.4 °C and the hottest month is April with an average high temperature of 32.8 °C). Best time to visit Bangalore is during January, February, March, November and December.

Bangalore has never been dubbed as a tourist destination, but there are many remarkable things to see and explore. You can visit to Tipu Sultan’s Palace, Bangalore Palace, Vidhan Soudha, Vasanthapura temple, Bull temple, Dodda Temple, Lal Bagh Garden, Cubbon Park etc.