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Best small Cars in India based on Sales (Fiscal Year 2009)

best small cars in India

In the Fiscal Year 2009, the automobile company that dominated the small car segment in India based on sales was Maruti Suzuki. The leading cars were Wagon R, Swift and Alto maintaining its position at number one.  Other cars in the list are Tata Indica, Hyundai i10 and Hyundai Santro.

Maruti Suzuki Alto:
Alto is still one of the favorite car in the small car segment and is very popular in Indian middle class families. The car is compact, fuel efficient, durable and above all affordable. These key features make it one of the best cars on Indian road.
Sales in fiscal year 2009 : 212,568

Maruti Suzuki Wagon R :
Maruti WagonR is another favorite in the small car segment. Coming from the same company like Alto, Wagon R too is fuel-efficient. The newer models are much sleeker with new sporty taillights and attractive headlamps.
Sales in fiscal year 2009: 134,768

Tata Indica :
Tata Indiaca was launched in the year 2000, initially it was not a success but later with the newer version, it became one of the preferred cars on Indian Road. Tata Indica is truly Indian-Made car. After Ambassador and Fiat Padmini, Tata Indica is most popular Taxi on Indian roads. You think of a taxi the second picture that flashes in your mind is Tata Indica. Its fuel efficiency, reliability and comfort are other exciting features of Tata Indica.
Sales in fiscal year 2009: 111,256

Maruti Suzuki Swift :
Suzuki Swift is the premium hatchback car from Maruti Suzuki and was an instant hit after the launch. Within a year it was one of the highest selling cars in India. Compact yet spacious is the key feature of this car that attracted the Indian customer. Five years later, the car is still very popular and a customer have to wait for at least a month (from the date of booking) to get it delivered.
Sales in fiscal year 2009: 110,071

Hyundai i10 :
The best selling small car from Hyundai in India is i10. Sporty looks, high-end technology and fine driving experience are its key selling features. The new i10’s are now available with Kappa engine delivering power of 80ps@5200rpm along with improved fuel economy.
Sales in fiscal year 2009: 106,095

Hyundai Santro :
Hyundai is a South Korean Automobile company and Santro was its first launch in India. Fuel economy, optimum mileage, innovative technology, refined engine, fine driving experience and pricing are few exciting and key features of the car.
Sales in fiscal year 2009: 91,478