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Best places for Vada Pav in Pune

Best places for Vada Pav in Pune

Vada pav, the tangy, tasty India’s own burger is a delicious snack of bread with fried potato and chutney. This most loved street snack of the Puneites and the Mumbaikers has some political significance too, much to our surprise. It is said that the political party Shiv Sena worked hard on pushing this dish to deal with the influx of South Indian restaurants in Maharashtra. So vada pav stalls were started outside the factories so that workmen could have this local and inexpensive delicacy without looking for any alternatives. Best inexpensive option for the students coming from outside the state and the office goers, Vada pav when served with hot and spicy garlic chutney can replace a meal all together, especially when you are running out of money.

Here is a guide to the Best places for Vada Pav in Pune

  • Priyadarshan Snacks

Located between Marathwada College and BMCC Colleg, it ensures its popularity among collegians. Served with green chutney and chilies vada pav is simply awesome here. Other than vada pav they also have fried bread patties, sabudana khichdi and kanda poha, all prepared with lots of green chilies. Do not forget to taste the sweet elaichi chai or cardamom tea which can be your perfect accompaniment to all the dishes.

  • JJ or the Garden Vada Pav Stall

Located behind Clover center near Aurora Towers, this is one of the most famous vada pav outlets in Pune. Started in 1972 the quality of the vada pav has been retained for decades. The USP is the hot green chutney smeared between the vada and the pav. The dish is prepared with ginger, garlic and chilies that add a delicious flavor to the spicy vada served hot with fried green chilies. Pleasant service and the hygienic manner is the plus point.

  • Shivshakti Vada Pav Stall

Shivshakti vada pav is stalled at Range Hills opposite Ganpati temple. The speciality is that the inside of the pav or bread is smeared with green chutney, coriander and sliced onions. Other delicacies you can have here include samosas and bhajias that are tasty and very popular among IT professionals and the nearby factory workers.

  • Joshi Vade Wale

The outlets of Joshi vade wale are located at almost every corner of Pune. But a stall worth mentioning will be the Indira College of Management near Wakad. As it is located at the outskirts of Pune, people love to go there for a long drive especially on rainy days. It is also a common stop for travelling to Mumbai. Vada pav is served with fried chilies and garlic chutney. Other items found here are sabudana khichdi, pohe, misal pav along with Maharashtrian breakfast items like thalipeeth with tea, coffee and juices.

  • Sainath Wada Pao Centre

As the name suggest the place is a big hit for its wada pao. Located close to the Wadia College on the road that goes towards Koregaon Park and St. Miras, Sainath has been a popular hangout for years. It’s a favorite hangout place for college students. Sainath is known for serving some of the best snack items at incredibly low prices. Other than vada pav, Sainath also serves fried food items made from batata (potato), besan and pao (bread). But the taste of the vada pav is best and sells the most. Stalls open at 6 am in the morning for serving the college students and the office professionals.