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Best Bikers’ Routes in India

best bikers routes

India is home for a lot of adventure sports. One of them is Motor bike Expeditions. Here is a list of some of the most traveled motorbiking routes in India. For those who want to take up a journey purely for the pleasure of riding on your bikes.

So take a break, throw caution to the winds, set out on your bikes. Ride the high ways, deep valleys and enjoy the lush greenery around you, but with all the safety measures like a helmet, jacket and a light traveling bag.

Manali to Leh

The route – The route is Manali – Jispa (110 kms), Jispa – Pang (130 kms) and Pang -Leh (130 kms).The road from Manali to Leh is often known as a Biker’s Paradise. Bikes (motorcycles) are available for rent at Manali.

A popular place is Hardev Motors – located behind the Private Bus Parking Ground.When biking to Leh it is advisable to travel at a slow pace to allow acclimatization.

Deedwana(Rajasthan) to Pune(Maharashtra)

The Route of Deedwana – Kuchamna City – Kishangarh – Ajmer – Beavar – Uadaypur – Ahmedabad – Baroda – Surat – Bardoli – Navapur – Pimpalner – Satana – Kalvan – Saptshrung Gad – Vani – Nasik – Sinnar – Shirdi – Rahuri – Shani Shinganapur – Ahmedanagar – Pune covers a total distance of 1575 km. The roads have nice double lane State highway from Deedwana upto Kishangarh NH-8 (2lane highway). From Kishangarh upto Surat,the average speed is 80kmph, with maximum upto 100 kmp.

Shillong to Cherrapunjee

Covering a distance of 60 km, the road is in good conditions with exciting twist and turns on the way. The Shillong Cherrapunji road is filled with beautiful picturesque scenery all around. Suggested stop over is the Cherra Bridge(Half-way point and a beautiful place for sight-seeing).

Kolkotta to Mukutmanipur

With a distance of 400 km the route covers Kolkata – Shaktigarh – Durgapur – Raniganj – Bankura – Mukutmanipur. There are very few petrol Pumps on the road after Raniganj.As most petrol pumps dont take Cards its advisable to keep Cash.Peerless resort is the only good enough Resort but is expensive.

Pune to Murud

The route Pune – Lonavla – Khopoli – Pen -Alibaug -Revdanda -Murud covers 190kms distance.There are differect routes to Murud from Pune but for a two wheeler riding a clean ride would be prefered and except for a small stretch between Khopoli and Pen the road is smooth even through lanes of Revdanda.

The suggested stop overs are at Lonavla or Khandala,next at Wadkhal about 14 kms from Pen on Mumbai-Goa Road,on Revdanda Bridge and of course Kashid beach.
Lonavla and Wadkhal have fuel stations.

Bangalore to Kannur(Kerala)

The route Bangalore- Mysore – Hunsur- Nagarhole – Kutta – Tholpatty – Kattikulam – Manandvady – Nedupoyil – Kuthuparamba – Kannur is around 356 km.

Previously a stretch from Hunsur-Kutta was in bad condition,now this route is repaired.This whole route is nice for bikers on a road trip. This route crosses the borders of Kerala and Karnataka. There are cliffs and lakes on the way and a number of local restaurants for food stop overs.Mysore and Manandvady have fuel stations.


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