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Bentley Car Prices in India

Bentley Car Prices in India

Bentley car Prices in India are sky-high. Very few can dream to own these super luxury cars. After doing really well in the European Markets, Bentley Motors headed to launch their supreme luxury and premium cars in India. It was in the year 2007 when UK’s luxury car maker ‘Bentley Motors’ set it right food forward in Indian Market with the launch of the models Azure and the Continental GTC. The Company is importing these super machines as CBUs i.e Completely Built Units and selling through a Delhi based Exclusive Motors Private Ltd. in India.

Bentley Cars in India

Bentley Continental GT Rs.1,65,00,000

  • Continental GT Coupe – Coupe – 560bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 4.8kpl, Rs.1,65,00,000

Bentley Continental Flying Spur Rs.1,70,00,000

  • Continental Flying Spur Sedan – Sedan – 560bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 4.7kpl, Rs.1,70,00,000

Bentley Continental GTC – Rs.2,15,25,000

  • Continental GTC Convertible – Convertible – 560bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 6.1kpl, Rs.2,15,25,000

Bentley Arnage – Rs.2,25,00,000

  • Arnage R – Sedan – 456bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 4.2kpl, Rs.2,25,00,000
  • Arnage RL – Sedan – 456bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 4.2kpl, Rs.2,50,00,000

Bentley Mulsanne Rs.2,75,05,250

  • Mulsanne V8 – Sedan – 512bhp, Petrol, Automatic, Rs.2,75,05,250

Bentley Azure Rs.3,89,50,000

  • Azure Convertible – Convertible – 456bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 5.4kpl, Rs.3,89,50,000