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Banarasi Sarees – One of The Finest in The World

banarasi silk sarees

Banarasi sarees are one of the finest sarees in India. These sarees got its name as they hail from the holy city Banaras now known as Varanasi. The typical Banarasi saree is hand woven specifically in silk with golden thread and it takes about 15 days to a month to complete one piece. The best part of the saree for which they are famous in the world is the silver and golden brocade work. A Banarasi saree is a “must have” attire in every Indian women’s wardrobe.

These sarees are woven in fine silk and are decorated with traditional embroideries. The special characteristic of a Banarasi saree are intertwining floral and foliate motifs i.e. kalga and bel, which are inspired from Mughal designs.

These Banarasi silk sarees are excessively heavier as compared to other types of silk sarees. These sarees are fully covered with compact golden or sometime silver designs. The intricate designs can sometime take more than six months to complete just one piece of saree.

Types of Banarsi Sarees
There are following four basic varieties of Banarasi silk saree:

  • Pure Silk Saree (Katan)
  • Organza Saree (Kora), with Zari And Silk
  • Georgette Saree
  • Shattir Saree

It was in the Mughal era when Banarasi silk material and Banarasi sarees gained popularity and soon the sarees were available with a mix of Indian and Persian designs. In Banaras weaving the Banarasi saree is still the sole source of earning income and most of the families are still engaged in weaving banarasi sarees. It has become an art, which is passed onto next generation. The silk used in the making of Indian Benarasi silk sarees is being sourced from the southern parts of the country, mainly Bangalore.


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