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Audi Car Prices in India

Audi Car Prices in India

Audi Cars in India are among the super luxury cars that every Indian dreams to own. Audi is one of the most admired car maker around the world. It is one of the premium brands that make luxury cars for rich and famous people across the globe. With an aim to cater to needs of rich and elite class people of India, Audi establish their sales company in India in 2007. The early operations and functions in India were carried out as a subsidiary of Mumbai-based Volkswagen Group Sales India Pvt. Ltd. Few of the Audi cars are imported as Completely Built Units (CBU) and then assembled in India, at the Aurangabad facility of Skoda Auto. Audi cars launched in India are a symbol of class, elegance, sportiness and luxury.At present, Audi is assembling the Audi A6 and the Audi A4 for the Indian market in Aurangabad.

Following are the 7 Audi Cars in India with their respective price tags

Audi A4 Rs.28,65,721 – Rs.38,78,798

  • A4 TFSI 1.8 – Sedan – 161bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 8.96kpl, Rs.28,65,721
  • A4 TFSI 2.0 – Sedan – 180bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 8kpl, Rs.30,60,364
  • A4 Multitronic TDI 2.0 – Sedan – 140bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 11.5kpl, Rs.30,60,364
  • A4 Quattro FSI 3.2 – Sedan – 265bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 6.7kpl, Rs.38,37,459
  • A4 Quattro TDI 3.0 – Sedan – 240bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 10.6kpl, Rs.38,78,798

Audi Q5 Rs.40,92,268 – Rs.44,54,620

  • Q5 Quattro TFSI 2.0 – SUV/MUV – 211bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 6.44kpl, Rs.40,92,268
  • Q5 Quattro TDI 3.0 – SUV/MUV – 240bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 8.36kpl, Rs.44,54,620

Audi TT Rs.46,00,000

  • TT Quattro Coupe 3.2 – Coupe – 250bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 6.6kpl, Rs.46,00,000

Audi A6 Rs.38,43,856 – Rs.46,16,744

  • A6 TDI 2.7 – Sedan – 180bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 11.86kpl, Rs.38,43,856
  • A6 FSI 2.8 – Sedan – 204bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 9.32kpl, Rs.40,06,708
  • A6 Quattro FSI 3.2 – Sedan – 256bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 6.1kpl, Rs.45,00,000
  • A6 Quattro TDI 3.0 – Sedan – 233bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 9.84kpl, Rs.46,16,744
  • A6 Quattro TFSI 3.0 – Sedan – 290bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 6.6kpl, Rs.46,16,744

Audi Q7 Rs.55,62,803 – Rs.63,80,979

  • Q7 Quattro TDI 3.0 – SUV/MUV – 233bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 8.2kpl, Rs.55,62,803
  • Q7 Quattro TDI 4.2 – SUV/MUV – 340bhp, Diesel, Automatic, Rs.63,80,979

Audi A8 Rs.72,12,500 – Rs.1,11,14,012

  • A8 Quattro TDI 3.0 – Sedan – 233bhp, Diesel, Automatic, 9.16kpl, Rs.72,12,500
  • A8 Quattro 4.2 – Sedan – 350bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 6.8kpl, Rs.81,96,000
  • A8 Quattro W12 6.0 – Sedan – 450bhp, Petrol, Automatic, 5.96kpl, Rs.1,11,14,012

Audi R8 Rs.Rs.1,16,39,500

  • R8 Quattro FSI 4.2 – Coupe – 420bhp, Petrol, Manual, 5kpl, Rs.1,16,39,500
  • R8 Quattro R tronic FSI 4.2 – Coupe – 420bhp, Petrol, Manual, 4.8kpl, Rs.1,16,39,500


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