Who wouldn’t want to lose those extra pounds and add beauty to the physique? You must have seen and tried out a number of ways to lose your weight. But, do they work? Now, let’s add another topping to your diet to cut down the excess fat. Strawberries! Are strawberries good for weight loss? Yes, they are. Being an integral part of fat removal diet plan, strawberries surely promote weight loss. Are you wondering, how are strawberries good for weight loss? Keep reading to know the amazing benefits of strawberries for weight loss.

Why are Strawberries Good for Weight Loss?

  • Strawberries are a rich source of antioxidants that increase the metabolic rate, so the body burns the fat rather than storing them.
  • Another powerful antioxidant present in strawberries is vitamin C, which promotes metabolism.
  • Strawberries stimulates the production of¬†adiponectin and leptin, which are fat-burning and metabolic hormones.
  • The increase in the rate of metabolism facilitated by strawberries results in faster weight loss.
  • Strawberries guide you while doing exercise as well. The anti-inflammatory properties prevents internal injuries and tissue damage, and thereby allowing you to workout more.
  • Apart from promoting metabolism, strawberries aid in suppressing your appetite and help you control overeating.
  • Strawberries check the proper functioning of weight-reducing hormones.
  • The ellagic acid and anthocyanins content of strawberries owe the main credit for helping you lose weight.
  • Additionally, strawberries reduces the digestion of starchy foods, and thus control the rise in blood sugar.

Choosing and Using Strawberries for Weight Loss

  • Maximum benefits of strawberries can be reaped from the organic ones. They have higher total antioxidants, ascorbic acid, and total phenolics.
  • Opt for big, lush red, strawberries as they have higher levels of vitamin C.
  • Adding strawberries in ice cream and cake will be of no help in losing weight.
  • Instead, add in healthy food options, such as cereal or granola, hot oatmeal, smoothies, and yogurt.
  • Consuming natural, fresh and juicy strawberries is the key to losing weight.

Now, you know what to look for while buying strawberries, and how does it help in cutting down the excess fat. Following a proper diet plan (obviously, strawberries being a part of it), and working out daily will definitely help you achieve your goal weight. You should also consider asking your trainer about adding strawberries in your diet.