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An Attire to Admire

An Attire to Admire

Just like any other Indian woman, I too have an admiration for our national attire for woman. This attire is called “Saree”. This rectangular unstitched piece of cloth is 6 meter long (generally) and the heavier end is called the pallu. Saree is a symbol of femininity and a woman wrapped in saree looks sculpted, stunning, gorgeous and elegant. A saree is such a drape that a woman is covered all over and still looks sensuous and revealing without revealing at all. A saree is such piece of cloth that perfectly portrays Indian woman or women, a feminine being.

Today, for most of the modern women, saree has become occasional attire, a dress to be worn on special occasions, a traditional wear. A woman when dressed in saree feels so feminine and so beautiful from inside that the charm and glow is visible on her face. In other words, we can say that a saree defines women unlike any other garment / attire.

Saree is available in a range of fabrics right from silk, cotton, georgette, chiffon, crepe etc. In India, the most popular fabric is silk which comes in various variations like, kanjivaram, south silk, paper silk, gadwal silk, tussar silk, banarasi Silk etc. available in vivid colors and embellished with the most intricate embroidery work, saree comes in the most mesmerizing avatars one can imagine. Such wide-ranging variety makes it suitable for all occasions – from weddings to formal functions and official meetings to social get-togethers. Moreover, it looks gorgeous on women of all ages and builts.

After China, India is the second largest producer of silk and the largest consumer of silk in the world. The major silk producing state is Karnataka particularly Mysore and the North Bangalore regions of Muddenahalli, Kanivenarayanapura, and Doddaballapur.

The length of saree gives wearer an ample scope to creatively experiment new styles of draping a saree. A saree can be worn in various styles. In India, the draping style differs from region to region and state to state. Saree reveals as much as it hides. A perfectly draped saree can make you look perfect and out of the world but a clumsy draped saree will make you look hideous and will bring down your personality.

Saree draping is considered as an art and requires a lot of practice. The experienced person takes about 5 – 10 minutes to drape whereas a first timer can take a lifetime. A saree is such an outfit that adds to the style, attitude and confidence of the wearer.



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