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Aazhimala Ayurveda Beach Resort

Aazhimala Ayurveda Beach Resort

Aazhimala Ayurveda Beach Resort is located at a distance of 24 kms from the Trivandrum International Airport and reaches by road (30 Minutes drive) passing through ‘Kovalam’ the renowned tourist spot and on the way to Poovar. The area of the Resort is 1.05 acres of reclining hilly terrain sloping down in terraced gardens to a depth of about 50 meters to the wide beach which lies centered, on either side with rock information to provide exclusivity to it. The place abounds in emerald green of the swaying coconut palm leaves and takes on myriad hues of lusty colors from dawn to dusk.


There is a Mythological Legend associated with the place. ‘ Bhima’ the Terminator prince of the ‘Pandavas’ of the Great Epic’ Mahabharata’had passed through the place during his self exile from the kingdom along with the other pandava clan and who on thirsty gave a soft pounding with his ‘Gadha’(Weapon) on the rock at our beach which instantly sprouted a fresh water spring, which exists even now. It is also believed that the two marks left on the rocks nearby are the foot marks of Bhima.


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